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Fun Finds

Posted on March 09, 2018 by Allison Dupree

We have the dream job over here at New Jersey Bride. All week we look at your beautiful wedding pictures and amazing bridal trends. So why not share them with you!


Pastel Pug, Etsy

An Etsy item that would look fabulous in your home after the wedding is a custom watercolor of your dress. PastelPug offers an 8×10 watercolor of your dress for $60!


Kaitlin and Chris at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club, Jim Kapinos Photography

It’s always hard to not have an important family member, like a father, missing from your wedding day. Kaitlin incorporated her dad in many ways at her wedding, but her something blue was one of his shirts embroidered with his football number sewn into her dress. What a beautiful way to keep him close by on a special day.



 And for the beer loving guys, a ManCrate is a fun idea for your groom to “propose” to them to be in the bridal party. A fun add on would be 4 different types of beer already to start the tasting immediately!



Who would’ve thought mocktails could be so good?! This non-alcoholic Moscow Mule looks too good to be true!


ThreeTwo1, Etsy

One of our beautiful brides posted a rave review in our Facebook group about these bags, so we had to share with you! ThreeTwo1 makes adorable cosmetic bags to give your ladies on the day of! You can order in sets of 6 or individually (I think I might get one for me!)