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2018 Fashion and Beauty Trends

Posted on February 01 by Allison Dupree

Fashion plays a big part in your wedding day. All eyes will be on you and your groom— and your gorgeous photos will last a lifetime, so naturally you want to look your best. But if you’re looking to shine a little bit brighter on your big day, Pinterest has pulled together some of their most pinned looks for 2018.

For the ladies-

Big, bold, statement earrings are being pinned left and right (up by 947%!!) so start your hunt for statement earrings. These can be oversized hoops or heavy metal earrings or large, sparkly drop earrings that will perfectly complete the updo you’ve been wanting.

Brittany Sims Designs

Have you been dreaming about a long gown, but want to add a little bit of drama to your dress? Why not find one with a slit up the side. You can make this as subtle or dramatic as you’d like, and maybe make it easier to walk in.

Vanessa Joy Photography

Socks and high heels? Hear us out for a minute. You can find pretty, sheer socks to complete your day of look with a little bit of flair. Some white polka dots and white heels are the perfect, subtle way to rock this trend.

E! News

Shoes have always been a big deal when thinking about weddings: will they be comfortable? Will they make the dress too short? Are they the right shade of white? Well, now shoes are getting a makeover. Rhinestones, studs, pearls and buckles (oh my) are the next big trend in shoes. You definitely can carry this over into your big day.

Badgley Mischka from Nordstrom

For the men-

I’m a firm believer that mini things are way better than their full size counterparts. So mini patterns are awesome! Your guy can have small triangles or polka dots on his button down for a little more texture under his jacket, or a great tie with mini stripes.

Club Monaco

Women know that a good piece of jewelry can make an outfit, so why can’t that be the same for men! Cufflinks, glasses, pocket squares and that new wedding band are a great way to complete a look. Bold glasses are a great way to make a simple look pop as well, if your man needs them. Colorful cufflinks are a great way to bring in your wedding color to your groom’s simple tux as well.

Cufflinks Depot

Many people cuff pants and sleeves out of necessity to make them shorter, but now they’re on trend! A great idea for a wedding is cuffing the groom’s pants (if he’s just wearing a suit) so he can show off the great socks he’s rocking with his groomsmen.

Nikitas Tsaousis

Monochrome is one of my all time favorite styles for everyone, so I’m thrilled Pinterest users agree with me. Having your man or groomsmen in a monochrome look, with a cool accent piece, will look amazing in your pictures. Anthony took the monochrome approach with a cool bolero tie to make his wedding day look his own.

Meghan and Anthony, Lauren Fair Photography


Who doesn’t want lush lashes? Long and full lashes are what Pinterest users are searching for in 2018. We can’t wait to see the gorgeous lashes on our brides, especially since everyone I know got eyelash extensions in 2017.

Rebecca Lee Artistry

Your wedding and engagement photos are the two times that you really need to make sure your nails are perfect. Try a fun, geometric manicure to make your ring stand out! Negative space manicures are also a great way to have elegant nails but have a little more fun with it

Meagan Metcalfe

Eyes are a big deal for your wedding day. Your future husband will be staring deeply into them while saying his vows and putting a ring on your finger. Bright eyeshadow is a big 2018 trend so why not use it for your big day! As Pinterest says, bright eye makeup creates “look-at-me eyes” and what more could you want for your day.

Mackenzie Wilder

Wedding day beauty prep is also very important. A big beauty trend is facial rollers. They come in so many different styles and all have uses that you can 100% find the roller that’s right for you. Pro tip- if you do plan on doing a skin treatment, start it way before your wedding in case something does go wrong. Also please talk to a doctor or dermatologist before starting this at home on your own!

Skin Gym

If you’re a lipstick lover, your fiancé already knows what its like to have a cherry red lip that he did not apply. Lip tints are a great wedding day option because they’re long lasting and don’t wear off as easily!

Gianna Giacona

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