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Edible Fall Favors—With Stickers to Print Out

Posted on September 13, 2021 by New Jersey Bride


Still deciding on what gifts to get your wedding guests? While traditional favors have a bad habit of ending up left behind—or worse, in the trash—these delicious edible wedding favors are sure to get gobbled up instead.

Wedding favors are a great way to say thank you to guests who have traveled near and far for your wedding day. Whether you’re serving up sugary and sweet treats, salty and savory surprises, or drinkable wedding favors, your guests will enjoy the celebratory snack on their way out the door.

With the help of Zola, we’ve put together this list of 45 delicious edible wedding favors, full of flavors perfect for your fall wedding. We’ve even included printable stickers so you can add a personalized touch to your favors. To print the stickers at home, click a sticker button below and print on a full sheet of stickable paper. From there, cut on the dotted line and attach these adorable stickers to your party favors for a customized touch.

Here’s our full list of edible favors:

Sugary and Sweet Edible Wedding Favors for Fall

What better way to end the night than with a sweet late-night snack? These wedding favor ideas are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Check out our favorites below:

Donuts: Weddings are full of a whole lot of love, so celebrate with delectable donut holes dripping in glaze. Whether guests eat them as a late-night snack or as breakfast fuel the next morning, they’ll be thankful for the sweet surprise.

S’mores: Your guests can enjoy s’more love on their way out the door with s’more kits. This ooey, gooey DIY treat is adorable and inexpensive.

Honey jars: Your love is sweet, and so are these adorable honey jar wedding favors. Serving up local honey is also a great way to give back to the local community by purchasing from local farms.

Macarons: Say merci beaucoup with a classic, colorful, and beautiful assortment of French macarons. You can serve up a ton of different flavors and designs with this sophisticated, bite-sized dessert.

Pie pops: Everything is more fun on a stick. Thank your guets for coming to celebrate with these adorable pie pops, which can be easily baked at home. Serve up fall flavors like apple, pecan, and pumpkin pie.

Other Sweet and Sugary Favors We Love:

Fortune cookies: Give your guests the gift of good fortune with personalized fortune cookie favors.

Jelly jars: Spread the love with jelly jars full of your favorite flavors, jam-packed with love.

Leftover cake: Did someone say leftovers? Grab to-go boxes and send guests home with extra cake.

Maple syrup: Celebrate one of fall’s favorite flavors with sticky and sweet maple syrup jar favors.

Pie-in-a-Jar: Serve apple pie in a jar to say thanks with this simple pie-in-a-jar DIY recipe.

Cupcakes: End the night with bite-sized cupcakes of fun fall flavors, like pistachio or pumpkin spice.

Cotton candy: Love is sweet, pink, and fluffy with these show-stopping cotton candy wedding favors.

Cookies: Dress up a cookie with monogrammed icing and colors from your wedding palette.

Churros: Take the night up a notch with carnival-inspired churros, sprinkled in cinnamon sugar.

Bundtinis: Miniature bundt cakes are an adorable and delish way to gift your guests a tiny treat on their way out the door.




Salty and Savory Edible Wedding Favors for Fall

Let your guests enjoy rich and spicy flavors with these salty and savory edible wedding favors everyone is sure to love. Here are some of our favorites:

Garlic and rosemary baguettes: Help soak up the effects of your open bar with warm bread loaves, baked full of love. You can switch up a traditional loaf by baking in savory fall flavors, like garlic and rosemary.

Pickle jars: Serve up something pickled with jars full of fermented cucumbers. Your guests will be tickled pink with this thoughtful and deliciously crunchy gift, and this simple recipe is a totally do-able DIY.

Hot sauce: Your love is burning, and so will be your guests’ mouths after they’re done with these hot sauce favors! Warm up a chilly fall night with sizzling pepper sauce. Try serving an assortment of spice levels or stick to one milder flavor so everyone can enjoy.

Olive oil: Say “olive ya” to your guests with these olive oil favors that are infused with love. Extra virgin olive oil will get you the best quality, and you can even buy local olive oil from an olive ranch if you can find one nearby.

Popcorn: Thank your guests for popping by with bags of popcorn as their salty send-off treat. Dress up this favor with gourmet popcorn flavors like creamy caramel corn and a cute sticker.



Other Salty and Savory Favors We Love:

Pumpkin trail mix: Send your guests on happy trails with bags of pumpkin trail mix as they leave.

Barbeque sauce: Practice some good old southern hospitality with thank you jars full of barbeque sauce.

Garlic dip: Serve up a spice rub that packs a tasty punch like this zesty garlic dip recipe.

Pretzels: They helped you tie the knot, so send them home with a soft baked pretzel knot and a side of cheese sauce.

Boiled peanuts: Another favorite snack of the south, hot boiled peanuts are sure to be a hit — especially with any baseball fans in the crowd.

Salsa: Mix up your favorite salsa and can it for a favor full of healthy spices and fresh veggies.

Chili bacon jam: Switch up a traditional jam jar with a savory flavor combination like sweet chili bacon jam.

Rosemary sea salt: This rosemary sea salt is a great favor for weddings near the coast, as it can be used in any savory recipe as a salt substitute.

French fries: Send guests home with a salty midnight snack by ordering french fries from a nearby fast food joint.

Spice blend: Add a spicy personalized touch to your wedding day with a DIY spice blend, seasoned with love.



Drinkable Edible Wedding Favors for Fall

Drinkable wedding favors can be poured up and enjoyed by all. Typically full of rich, rejuvenating flavors, you can enjoy the season’s best spices with these drinkable favor ideas:

Hot cocoa mix: Warm up your guests on a cool fall night with a hot cocoa mix wedding favor. You can dress up the display by placing the cocoa powder, marshmallows, and chocolate candy in a cute cup or mug.

Tea leaves: Love is brewing with these homemade tea leaf bags full of herbs and spices. You can experiment with your favorite ingredients to find the perfect blend before sending these gifts home to steep.

Apple cider: Send guests home with a taste of your apple-y ever after with an apple cider kit. Fall’s favorite spice makes a cheap and easy wedding favor. All you have to do is wrap up cinnamon sticks, apple cider packets (or a gourmet blend), and mixing instructions.

Milk and cookies: Sweeten up your reception with a midnight snack that is both delicious and budget-friendly. Hand out soda bottles full of milk, topped with a cookie for easy enjoyment.

Customized wine bottles: Let your guests make a final toast to your day with mini bottles of your favorite wine or champagne. You can print out customized labels, like the stickers we have below, to add a personal touch to this vino.

Other Drinkable Fall Favors We Love

Coffee: Your wedding is grounds for celebration, so let guests grab coffee beans to help with their impending morning headache on the way out.

Moonshine: Thank attendees for helping your wedding day shine with some homemade apple pie moonshine. Display it in a mason jar for a rustic touch.

Hot fudge: You can’t go wrong with chocolate and hot fudge is a wedding favor that is way too delectable to pass up.

Liquor shots: Let guests wet their whistle with a festive goodnight shot such as tequila or cinnamon flavored whiskey.

Root beer float: Everybody loves a root beer float, so send guests home with a root beer and a reminder note to “just add ice cream.”

Mason jar cocktail kits: Use recycled mason jars to make these DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Kits.

Cold brew: What do your guests need after a night out dancing with an open bar? Cold brew coffee for the morning, of course.

Mulled wine spices: Pack or purchase mulled wine spice bags so guests can enjoy spiced wine at home.

Cocoa and Bailey’s: Spike your hot cocoa favor by adding a mini bottle of Bailey’s to the kit.

Elderflower syrup: Jars of homemade elderflower syrup will let guests make sophisticated cocktails at home.


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