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Don’t Forget The Kids’ Table at Your Wedding!

Posted on January 25, 2017 by New Jersey Bride

Having children at weddings is a long-debated quandary that almost every newly engaged couple struggles with. Are weddings really meant for kids? Well, no, but how do you invite your closest friends and family and tell them their children, who also may also be related to you, can’t attend?

food and the kids' table at a wedding

This is especially difficult when your entire family and everyone you know will be at the wedding, leaving no available babysitters for the little ones. So at the end of the day, it is likely that there will be a few youngsters running about at your reception. The key to keeping them under control and out of trouble is keeping them entertained.

Kids' table at wedding

That is where the kids’ table comes into play! The kids’ table at a wedding is a must. It’s not, however, just a designated spot for guests under the age of 14. The kids’ table should be split up by age or gender. The key elements to a successful kids’ table are theme, entertainment and supervision.

food and the kids' table at a wedding

food and decorations for a kids' table at a wedding


A themed table will add to the excitement of attending the wedding for the younger guests. Send out separate kid invitations that play up the theme and exciting activities that will be awaiting them at the reception. How sweet is a Guys & Dolls Tea-Party theme? Decorate the table to match your theme, and provide lots of activities for everyone.

decorating the kids' table at wedding


Keep the little ones busy with games, coloring books, arts and crafts, and food. Rather than have them eat with everyone else, opt for a family-style buffet on the table that they can pick at at their own leisure. Letting them decorate their own cupcake and cookie is also a great way to keep them engaged. Hire a ballon artist or face painter to break up the night, especially if you have lots of kids attending.

decorating kids' table at wedding


Now that you’ve got a full evening planned, you will definitely need supervision. This could come in the form of hired babysitters or a task delegated to teenage relatives. Having two supervisors is best so that one can keep an eye on the children and the other can hunt down a parent. Babysitters should have contact numbers for all the parents, since finding someone in a crowd of 200 is not all that easy. Ask the venue if there is an adjacent room you could stage as a mini movie theater. Set up sleeping bags, and start the movie an hour or so after eating and crafting so the little ones can enjoy the show or fall asleep until the party ends.

food and the kids' table at a wedding

decorating the kids table at a wedding


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