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DIY: Flower Vases and Garlands

Posted on May 10, 2015 by Susan Brierly Bush

New Jersey Bride—DIY: Flower vases and garlands

For my summer wedding, I wanted to decorate the outdoor reception area with flowers. But since we would only be using that space for about 30 minutes, I didn’t want to blow the budget on blossoms.

So I found a bunch of adorable jute-decorated glass bottles at a craft store and filled them with simple fresh petals. Then we hung one arrangement on every other aisle chair for color and charm.

To add whimsy to our rented white garden chairs, I visited my local Free People store and made arrangements to purchase the handmade beaded garlands that were used by their in-store visual merchandising team. They were happy to part with them for a small fee because displays are changed seasonally, and my wedding happened at the end of summer, just as they were preparing to remove the garlands to make room for the autumn decorations.

The Free People garlands were perfect. In fact, guests thoughts that they were specially made for my flower vases. I was really happy with the Boho, flower-child effect.

You can make your own decorations to get the same look:

1- For flower vases, buy little glass bottles online or recycle your own small juice bottles. Wrap jute around the top of each bottle (see photo) and be sure to make a sturdy loop so that you can attach them to your chairs. (NOTE: Some garden chairs are designed without a lip, so if you plan to hang bottles from your chairs, be sure there’s a way to do this.)

2- For garlands, string beads or seashells along with silk flowers. You can find all kinds of options at craft stores. (TIP: This is a DIY idea that you can finish months before your wedding, so don’t save this project until the week of your big event or you will be stressed out.)

Be on the lookout all year long for props and ideas as you stroll your favorite shopping malls and retail stores. Often, stores are more than happy to sell or giveaway window displays for the asking.