Wedding Ideas

DIY: Floating Wedding Balloons

Posted on August 25 by Susan Brierly Bush

New Jersey Bride—Floating balloons
And now for something totally ingenious. No matter how small your budget is, this inexpensive, do-it-yourself idea will turn your wedding guests’ heads.
Just inflate helium balloons and attach clear filament instead of string. Anchor each balloon individually in the ground with green golf tees to create instant atmosphere. What a perfect decoration for your wedding ceremony or reception!  Get plenty of bang for your buck by festooning an entire lawn. Or flank a sidewalk with floating wedding balloons. Let your imagination take flight.
A fun balloon hedge can be yours for just a few bucks, so you can afford to get a little crazy. The helium will last up to eight hours, depending on the type of balloons you choose, so remember to enlist friends to help assemble the balloons on the day of your wedding. You probably won’t have time to personally orchestrate this amazing DIY spectacle.