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Danielle and Matthew’s Romantic Canoe Ride

Posted on December 16, 2016 by Francesca Sgambati

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danielle-and-matthew-engagement-session8 Photographer Meely Dunn knows all the best spots in New Jersey, so when Danielle and Matthew told her they wanted their engagement session to be taken at a rustic bridge – Meely had the idea to take them to the Blackwells Mills Canal House. The location has a rustic look and also has a canal near by. “I asked them if they were up for getting in the water for a romantic canoe ride, and they said yes.” And the results of their engagement session were pure magic!  How They Met: We met online…the day I sent a message to Matt’s inbox was the same day he was signing on to delete his account, when he saw the message from me. While on our first date conversation led to us realizing we had crossed paths. A perfect example was talking about Matt being the wrestling coach at Manasquan High School. When I was in high school I was the wrestling manager at Matawan High School while Matt was wrestling. Fate does play a part in finding love when two people are meant to be together as I believe Matthew and I are. danielle-and-matthew-engagement-session5 danielle-and-matthew-engagement-session6 The Proposal: The day Matthew proposed was a gorgeous perfect day. My parents, sister, and Matt took a trip to the Bronx Botanical Gardens on April 17, 2016, for the Orchid show. I had no idea that the reason why the whole family was tagging along was to be present for the proposal and to capture pictures. While waiting in line to view the orchid greenhouse there was a couple in front of us that ended up getting engaged as soon as entering the greenhouse (which Matt was a little disappointed with, being that that was where he wanted to ask me). So we continued walking through the gorgeous display of different types of flowers when we came to the end of the greenhouse to the best part. There was a waterfall with hanging Orchids all around us. Matthew then got down on his knee and asked me to marry him in front of my family and complete strangers. I could not catch my breath and could not stop crying when I said YES without any hesitation and everyone whistled and clapped and screamed and took pictures of us. It was the best moment of my life! danielle-and-matthew-engagement-session14 The Engagement Session: Our engagement shoot made us fall in love all over again. We cannot wait till our BIG day is finally here. We were on cloud nine after our engagement photo session. Matthew said his knees went weak when looking into my eyes during our shoot. Seeing our reflections in each others eyes made us fall even deeper in love. There were moments where all I wanted to do was cry because I was so happy and didn’t want this moment to end. Having Matthew lift me up and spin me around in his arms made me feel like I was living a fairy-tale dream. Even though there were cars around us and time was going by I felt frozen in a moment that I will never forget. danielle-and-matthew-engagement-session21 When people decide whether or not they should book an engagement shoot…THEY SHOULD! We will have these pictures for the rest of our lives. They will go up in our home, be printed on our save the date, be present at our wedding and one day use them in relaying to our children where our love story began. They are a token of a moment that we will never forget. “We take photos as a return to a moment otherwise gone!” danielle-and-matthew-engagement-session3 We loved how Meely went above and beyond for our photo shoot and made sure we were comfortable. She took her time with our session and did not make us feel rushed at all. We had an amazing time getting to know our photographer. We cannot wait to spend our special day with her capturing our love story.