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Classic Beach Wedding Gown Looks

Posted on May 04 by New Jersey Bride

If you’re just starting the search for your beach wedding dress and need some hints, there are some classic styles that always go well with the outdoors. Of course, there are still ways to go the nontraditional route if you don’t care to fuss with the classic wedding gown styles. An important factor to consider with a beach wedding dress is its weight. Unlike a wedding in an indoor venue, the outdoors brings another set of elements into play. You’ll want to pick a beach wedding gown that has a skirt that you can easily walk in and that’s made of a light, breathable fabric. Silks and chiffons are good picks—layers of tulle would be quite hot and uncomfortable on the sand. Some basic silhouettes are more suited to the sun and sand than others. Try an A-line gown or a slim, empire-waist design for a beach wedding dress. Column wedding gowns are also a good choice because they aren’t too long and therefore won’t make it difficult to walk down the sandy aisle. As for the cut and neckline of your beach wedding gown, the same looks for summer tops and sundresses apply here, too: halter tops, sleeveless styles, and skinny spaghetti straps will keep a beach wedding dress season-appropriate. If you think your dress will end up looking too simple, use this as an opportunity to play around with jewelry and hair accessories. Break tradition and go for a short or ankle-length wedding dress if your ceremony is very casual or in the middle of the day. The trend is becoming more popular, and lines like J. Crew’s bridal collection carry a good amount of options for shorter hemlines. A beach wedding suggests a more casual ceremony, so if you don’t want to go the classic and simple route, try to play up your beach wedding gown with slight beading or accessories. And it should go without saying, but stock up on the sunscreen. It’s easy to forget in all the commotion surrounding your wedding planning! Click on the links below to read more about summer beach gowns: Choosing the Right Beach Wedding Dress Accessorizing a Beach Wedding Dress Destination and Beach Wedding Dress Trends Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Beach Wedding Gown