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Caren and Anthony’s Bridge Proposal

Posted on November 17, 2017 by Allison Dupree

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Sal Galvano

How did you meet: We met at a bar almost 7 years ago. He walked in and immediately caught my eye. I turned to my friends and said “oh he has a cute face”. Later in the night we walked by and I heard him and a couple of his friends making bets. I said to my friend “I think that guy just made a bet to get my number or something” as she turned around she saw them shake on it. Caren-Anthony-EngagementI was so turned off and gave him the cold shoulder the rest of the night. My friend was outside at the same time as him and they started talking. She asked him about the bet and he immediately ran in to let me know the bet was about where I worked and not just to get my number! I bartended at Applebee’s which is what my now fiancé thought and his friend thought I bartended at a bar somewhere in Manhattan. Caren-Anthony-EngagementSo Anthony won the bet and with the 5 dollars bought me a beer AND got my number. To this day he is still in my phone as Anthony Cute Face. Caren-Anthony-EngagementWhen did you get engaged: 08/28/2016 Where did you get engaged: Underneath the Verrazano Bridge Caren-Anthony-EngagementYour engagement story: He works in the city and his boss is from London. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were supposed to meet them in manhattan for some drinks. We were in the car heading to the ferry when he said his boss took the ferry over with his date for the experience and to see a little of Staten Island. Caren-Anthony-EngagementSo now we were picking them up from Fort Wadsworth and then heading to the boat. I didn’t think anything of it. We pulled up and got out to meet them. He took me by the hand led me to this platform. Apparently on the other side of this fence sometimes there are goats that he wanted to show me. Caren-Anthony-EngagementOnce we were up there he got down on one knee. Afterwards he had a party planned back at his house with all our friend and family. Easily the best day of my life. Caren-Anthony-Engagement