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Brittney and Matthew’s Shore House Engagement

Posted on August 03, 2018 by Allison Dupree

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How did you meet? Having grown up in two towns right next to each other, Matthew and I have probably crossed paths a million times and did not even know it. I actually knew one of his groomsmen since middle school, amongst some of his other friends, and he knew who some of my friends were as well. We met at the Verona Inn on a Friday night, a bar in my hometown that we both frequented. We took a ton of Cherry Bomb shots (definitely my doing) and the night is a little foggy, but I remember thinking this guy better text me tomorrow! He texted that next day and set up a real date for the following week. We had our first date at a bar named Egan’s in Montclair, NJ (which is where we live together now) and completely hit it off and have been together ever since!

brittney-matthew-engagementWhen did he ask? 06/16/2018

Where did he ask? At my shore house in Point Pleasant, NJ

brittney-matthew-engagementYour engagement story: My parents have a house in Point Pleasant, NJ and so do Matthew’s. (Ironically five minutes away from each other) Every summer since we have been together we have had a barbecue with both of our families, rotating between the two houses each year. This year it was my parents turn to host. Little did I know, this years barbecue would be the best day of my life.

brittney-matthew-engagementThe day started out normal, we went to the beach like we do any other Saturday in the summer, so I didn’t think anything of it. Soon it became 6:00 PM or so, and everyone had arrived and both families were drinking, eating, and laughing together. Then, Matthew’s nephew Zachary came running up to me and said he wanted to go see our neighbors boat. So I grabbed his hand and we walked down onto the dock. At this point, Matthew was walking behind me (I had no idea) with the ring in his hands behind his back. Zachary then got distracted when he saw a bunny and ran back into the yard and when I turned around I knew what was happening. (mainly because both our families had their phones in their hands all pointed in our direction)

brittney-matthew-engagementMatthew led me to the middle of the dock, we were both sobbing at this point, and asked me to be his wife! It couldn’t have gone more perfect if he tried. An hour later, all of our friends showed up and we got to celebrate with all of the people that mean the most to us! It was the best day of my life and the way that he chose to do it, in front of both our families makes it even more special.