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Bridal Shower Games You’ll Want to Play

Posted on December 05 by Allison Dupree

If you’re anything like me, you are all over the place about your thoughts on games at bridal showers. Some seem hilarious at first but then might get a little strange toward the end, and others just fall flat right from the start. But in the end, it all has to be about the bride and what she thinks about them. So definitely ask your bride-to-be first before planning a game-filled shower.


Here are a few that seem to be the most popular at showers:

The regular one is a spin on the newlywed game. Before the shower, come up with a short list of questions to ask her fiancé about himself or even them as a couple. Then at the shower, ask the bride the exact same ones and see how they match up! It can be done just back and forth, or you can add a “penalty”, like taking a drink for every wrong answer or limiting her time to come up with the next answer. A way to make it more fun for the bride too is to record her fiancé’s responses and play them when it came time to answer!

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Next is the “wedding shoe” game! This is a game that’s very popular on the internet since it usually results in the bride and groom hilariously disagreeing. There are two ways to play this game, as a group or just with the bride and groom. Here’s how you play- come up with a list of questions that with “who is…” For example, “who is most takes longer to get ready in the morning?” or “who is the better cook?” Depending on how open the couple is, you could definitely come up with some more interesting or personal questions. If you’re playing with the couple, sit them back to back and give them two shoes (one of the bride’s and one of the groom’s). Or if you don’t want to use shoes, you can use two different colored flags representing the bride and groom. Once the question is asked, the couple will hold up one of the shoes based on which person they think is the best answer to the question. The same rules apply to playing as a group, using flags to represent the bride and groom, everyone holds up the corresponding color to answer the question. It’s a great way to learn about what the bride and groom think of each other or what everyone thinks of them!

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The “Who Am I” game is a fun way to reminisce on some of your favorite memories with the bride as well as get to know her friendships with other guests. When everyone enters the shower, ask them to anonymously write down one of their favorite or funniest memories with the bride on a notecard. Later on in the shower, have the bride read them out loud and give her 3 guesses as to who wrote down the memory. And to make it even that more interesting, add small prizes like giftcards for the one’s that the bride doesn’t guess correctly!

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A classic at bridal showers is the toilet paper dress game. You break into even teams and elect one person to be the fabulous model. Then with 4-6 rolls of TP and about 20 minutes on the clock, make the best wedding gown you possibly can. The bride can be the judge and help out all of the teams or she can be on a team herself. If the groom is interested, he could the judge by texting him picture of all the teams and have him select the winner—just make sure he doesn’t know what team his bride was on or else he might be a little biased.

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The “Put A Ring On It” game involves two simple items—gummy rings and a chopstick. Each player gets a chopstick and a bowl of gummy rings (think peach rings). The players have to get a set number of rings onto their chopstick in order to win! But the catch is they can’t use their hands and the chopstick has to be in their mouth.

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And although this isn’t a game, a great way for the bride to thank her guests in person would be while opening gifts. After opening a gift, the bride says something she appreciates or loves about the gift giver. It’s a nice way to make each guest feel welcome and loved in return.

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