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The Top 10 Registry Must-Haves

Posted on November 13, 2014 by njbride

Bridal registries have changed over the years, since more and more of you have been living on your own—often together—before you get married. Chances are, you already own a microwave, a basic dishware set, and stainless.

So when it comes time to register, what do you really need? Here’s a list of our favorites—a few new and others traditionally obvious. After all, sometimes it’s not worth messing with a good idea.

Top 10 Registry Must Haves - New Jersey Bride

1. Simon Pearce glassware. Simple, timeless, décor-proof, and beautiful are all adjectives to describe the offerings from this Irish designer. From glassware and serving pieces to vases and lamps, Simon Pearce can outfit your entire home. Give me anything from Simon Pearce, and I’m over the moon. Be sure to register online at so that you’ll receive emails about their seconds sales happening a few times a year. The discounts are so great that you can continue to feed your habit even after the wedding gifts have stopped coming in.


2. KitchenAid mixer. This is one of those expensive items that you may question whether you really need. But use it once, and you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without it. And check out the KitchenAid Blue Collection from Martha Stewart available at department stores like Macy’s, which is especially fun—love the color!

St.Maarten Honeymoon

3. Honeymoon registry. This is one of the greatest registry ideas to have been created. Go to,, or any of the other honeymoon gift sites to actually register for your hotel, plane tickets, dinners for two, snorkeling adventures, and hula lessons. It’s a great way to plan a dream honeymoon.

Top 10 Registry Must Haves - New Jersey Bride4. Home Depot or Lowe’s registry. A wet-dry vac, cordless drill, and dehumidifier certainly sound at odds with the normal wedding vocabulary of tulle and lace, but they’re terms you’ll have to become fluent in once you own a house, which will most likely become one of your best investments. So stock up now on an outdoor grill, washer and dryer, and lawn mower…and if your new house needs a new toilet, add it to the list. What these gifts lack in glamour, they certainly make up for in practicality.

Top 10 Registry Must Haves - New Jersey Bride

5. The Joy of Cooking. You’re eventually going to need to know how to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving, trim a filet for New Year’s Eve, and boil eggs for Easter, and you’ll find yourself reaching for The Joy of Cooking every time. Even if you’re a seasoned cook, this basic guide is indispensable—there’s a reason why it’s been around for 77 years and is still a perennial best-seller. And while you’re at it, throw in a few more cookbooks from your favorite cooks—we love Ina Garten, Julia Child, and Rachael Ray.

Top 10 Registry Must Haves - New Jersey Bride

6. A good cookware set. All-Clad is a personal favorite and is used in Martha Stewart’s test kitchens, but Calphalon and Le Creuset are also great choices. These are all expensive, so look for the sets, where you can often save money or get a saucepan thrown in for free. Just be sure to steer clear of Teflon.

Top 10 Registry Must Haves - New Jersey Bride

7. Electronics. With today’s economy, you’ll most likely be entertaining more at home, so you better have an entertainment room worthy of guests—which means you can appease your fiancé’s obsession for all things technological and register for a flat-screen television, Bose theater system, Wii game system, or all of the above.

Top 10 Registry Must Haves - New Jersey Bride

8. China. I know what you’re thinking and I hear it all the time that you just won’t use the china that your mother-in-law is insisting you register for. Or that you don’t entertain. Or that when you do entertain, it’s burgers and dogs on the patio. So what good will thousands of dollars in china packed in boxes in the basement really do? Well, take a step back and take our word for it that the china actually will come in handy when you have to entertain your husband’s boss at some point in the future, or that you’ll be relieved to have pretty dessert plates for your newborn’s christening, when the time comes.


New Jersey Bride—Boll and Branch

9. Bed linens. There’s nothing quite like a great set of sheets (or two) to sleep on for the rest of your life. This is one of those items that you basically get what you pay for, so register for the most expensive set of sheets you…or actually you think your guests…can afford. If you want the Rolls-Royce of linens, check out Frette and D. Porthault. But our absolute favorite find is New Jersey’s own Boll & Branch, that offers Frette-like quality at a fraction of the price. Whatever you decide on, make sure to actually feel them before you register. While high-thread counts are generally preferred, not everyone likes the feel of satin, or 300-thread-count may feel just as good as a 600-count to you, so there’s no point spending the extra money. Choosing sheets can be a personal preference. Like fine wine, they’ll only get better with time…and each washing.

Choosing wineglasses for your wedding registry

10. Wineglasses. And speaking of wine, everyone needs a great set of wineglasses, even if you don’t drink. You’ll be entertaining at some point in your future, and you’ll need a respectable glass to pull out of the cabinet. Riedel (available at Target) makes a great line that is simple looking, will match any other style glasses you’ve picked out, and is ergonomically designed to maximize your drinking pleasure for each type of wine. For example, the opening width and glass depth on a red-wine glass are the perfect size to allow red wine to breathe as it should. And while you’re at it, throw in a request for a wine-of-the-month club, which is a really fun way to celebrate your wedding all year long. Cheers!