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Bridal Beware: Things To Look Out For When Planning a Wedding

Posted on March 30, 2015 by Denise Potter


Don’t say we didn’t warn you! JoAnn Gregoli of New York’s Elegant Occasions tells us the 10 things to look out for when planning a wedding.

1. Band. Make sure the band is playing continuous live music–not a CD during breaks!

2. Vendor meals. Your hard-working vendors will no doubt work up an appetite during your wedding, so be sure to talk with your venue about a hearty meal option that fits your budget.

3. Hair and makeup. Allow plenty of time for this service, this is the one element that can throw off the entire wedding schedule

4. Cake. If you bring in your own wedding cake, be aware that your venue may charge a cake-cutting fee.

5. Overtime. Know ALL the overtime rates ahead of time so you can decide comfortably during the last hour if you wish to party on.

6. Bar. To ensure that you get the type of bar you imagined, clarify the brands of liquor being served (premium is different than house brands!)

7. Transportation. Some will charge for a 3 hour minimum, even if you go over by 15 minutes! Check on those overtime clauses.

8. Sound restrictions. Know the sound restrictions of each township if you are planning a tented wedding. Especially if you think you can go to 2:00 AM–you don’t want the police shutting you down!

9. Servers and bartenders. Ask ahead of time the server to guest ratio is the same for bartenders. Rule of thumb: you should have one bartender per 50 guests.

10. Contracts. Hire a planner to be your advocate; they will protect you and review the contracts!

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