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When to Book Your Hawaii Honeymoon

Posted on January 15 by Molly Gregor

Headed to Hawaii for your honeymoon? Good choice! That’s where I went, and loved every minute of it. Since it’s such a long trip, you probably won’t return any time soon once you have little ones, so this is a GREAT trip to take with just your new husband in tow. I just stumbled across these tips about booking your trip from, which I found helpful and wanted to pass along to you as well. And let me know where you’re going. We went to the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island for a week, then off to the Westin Maui for another week. I’ve since stayed at the Fairmount Orchid on the Big Island, Kona Village (before it closed) and the Four Seasons Hualalai. It’s one of my top-three islands in the world. But I want to go back to see Kauai and Molokai. There’s no place like Hawaii!!

Here are the tips: Travelers have debated for years about the best time to book a vacation to Hawaii. There are benefits to both booking your Hawaiian vacation well in advance and waiting until the last minute.

Book early if:

—You can only travel on specific dates, including pre-scheduled vacation days, holiday vacations, school breaks, weddings, family reunions, corporate meetings, and other similar get-togethers.

—You want to secure the best price possible on air travel or when you are using frequent-flyer miles to buy your airline ticket.

—You want a specific room type. This might be a certain suite or location, adjoining rooms, or one that accommodates third or fourth guests. Persons requiring handicapped rooms should also book early to assure they is available.

—You want to put your vacation on “layaway” and make manageable monthly payments.

—You want to travel with a group. In these situations, it makes sense to book early to assure all guests will be accommodated.

Book last-minute if:

—Your job or circumstances dictate last-minute travel decisions.

—You are traveling with just one or two couples and everyone is very flexible.

—You are very flexible about your room requirements.

—You can pay for your vacation in its entirety, rather than in installments.

—Your goal is to find a lower price than others may pay. You understand d that “distressed inventory” is just that and you may not have many choices when you book…but the deals may be incredible.