Wedding Ideas

Better Know Your Vendors with Pinterest

Posted on May 12 by Phoebe Lett

When you’re checking out potential wedding vendors for your big day, you’ll want to learn all you can about them. Not just their packages and prices, but their aesthetic…what they create for weddings, and which images, looks, styles and trends appeal to them personally. That’s where Pinterest serves you well. When you check out each of your potential vendors’, and your hired vendors’, Pinterest pages, you’ll learn more about their passions, their favorite colors, their love for rustic or vintage or island-chic. It’s a visual job interview, and adds another layer of familiarity with the people you’ll be trusting your wedding to. Plus, as you’re browsing their picks, you might spot the perfect bouquet, or table setting, gown, or wedding cake to add to your own wedding planning Pinterest boards (which you will soon be able to make private, to keep all your wedding plans as surprises for your guests!). Some vendors have links to their Pinterest pages on their websites, and some haven’t gotten around to adding the Pinterest icon to their sites…but a quick search on the site will show you if their company has a board to check out. So don’t forget to look. Aisle Files tip: Don’t count out male vendors, since they too have been bitten by the Pinterest bug, with inspiring boards of their own. Grooms say they enjoy wedding planning much more when the tasks are visual – so this easy research step could be one that you and your groom will enjoy, and grooms say they’re just as into the décor photos as the food photos, so pair up to check out all of your vendors’ boards! And share this tip with your bridesmaids and parents. They’ll be planning events and hiring pros for the many celebrations surrounding your wedding day, so they’ll get valuable insights into companies and experts, while at the same time finding visual inspiration to make your parties even better!

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