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Beauty Tips: 5 Steps To Take Before Your Big Day

Posted on January 05, 2015 by New Jersey Bride

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While it’s true that you should look like yourself on your big day, it’s also the biggest day of your life, so you should look and feel the part. Here are five steps to maximize your true beauty.

1. Waxing. Bikini lines, eyebrows, lips, underarms, legs and arms should all be carefully considered, especially with the popularity of sleeveless and strapless gowns and airbrush makeup. Removing any pesky facial hair is the key for a smooth finish, and an underarm wax will avoid the embarrassment of razor bumps, as well as any unwanted hair on the arms. Be sure to consult with your salon so that you can start your waxing regimen months in advance so that when your wedding day rolls around, everything will be in perfect shape.

2. Hair straightening. Humidity can wreak havoc on hair, and this is an inevitable outcome if you’re planning a summer wedding in New Jersey. There are many options, from flat irons and simple day-of blow-outs to Brazilian blow-outs and keratin treatments. Talk to your hairdresser about the best method for your hair—and honeymoon plans.

3. Botox. One of the biggest bridal trends to emerge over the past five years is the inclusion of cosmetic procedures on the wedding to-do list. And while plastic surgery may seem a bit extreme in most cases, Botox has become a common choice. It can erase worry lines from your forehead and can soothe and smooth away months of planning stress, all with a simple visit to your doctor. Definitely do a test run months before your wedding to see what the “relaxed, wrinkle-free you” will look like.

4. Eyelash extensions. Long, lush and natural is the look you’re going for, and with eyelash extensions, you’ll feel like a movie star. But not all lashes are created equal. Look for a lash-extension stylist who can create a custom look just for you. One of our favorite salons is the Lash House in Livingston. With these long new lashes, you won’t need to worry about mascaring running down your face after a few tears of joy on your wedding day. And the lashes will last straight through your honeymoon—where you won’t need to worry about mascara running in the pool!

5. A massage. In the middle of all your planning, decisions, stress and running around, be sure to take time out and treat yourself to a massage. Every bride deserves to decompress, and this is the perfect escape. Even if it is only for 90 minutes.

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New JErsey Bride Five Steps to Maximize Your True Beauty