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13 Alternative Guestbook Ideas

Posted on September 25, 2015 by Francesca Sgambati

Thirteen alternative guestbook ideas from real New Jersey weddings that we absolutely love.

A-Country-Wedding-at-Skyview-Golf-Club1011. Selfie first. This is a cute concept to add to a traditional guestbook.

A-Wedding-at-Westminster-Hotel-New-Jersey-Bride98-800x5322. Jenga game pieces


A-Winter-Valentines-Day-Wedding-at-Running-Deer-Golf-Club-New-Jersey-Bride117-800x5343. Puzzle pieces


BarbaraAllenWaterWitchClub4. Finger prints on a wedding tree


  ChristinaIanSeasons5. A vinyl record


dana-andrew-5166. Hearts in a shadow box


Mike and Kristine Real Wedding GuestBook 7. A guitar


LaurenPeterUpperMontclair8. Monogram letters of the couples initials


MariaJoeYankeeWEd9. A baseball bat




WindriftWeddingMeredithandShawnRecDetails(41of71) WindriftWeddingMeredithandShawnRecDetails(48of71)10. A wedding quilt

Steve Gerrard

11. A globe

Idalia-Photography-Rumson-Country-Club-Wedding-111-533x80012. Oars

Rachel-and-Luke-Real-Wedding39-800x53413. A map of the world