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Alexandra and Brad’s Sunday Night Proposal

Posted on November 02, 2018 by Allison Dupree

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alexandra-brad-engHow did you meet?

Brad and I met in 2015 during Memorial Day weekend in Belmar, NJ. We had mutual friends for years, but never met. When trying to find plans for the weekend two of my friends invited me down the shore to stay at Brad’s house where he lived. Upon arriving I immediately noticed Brad, how could you not he is over 6 feet tall. After a night of laughing and fun we eventually went to Djais where we danced the night away. We went back to Brad’s house and he and I sat on the upstairs patio overlooking Belmar and talked the entire night.

alexandra-brad-engWhen did he ask?


Where did he ask?

At our home with our amazing dog Charlie present.

alexandra-brad-engHow did he ask?

Brad and I got engaged on the first Sunday football, September 9th, 2018. Brad’s plans were initially to go to the sunflower maze, my favorite flower, and propose there. Unfortunately, it was raining and he had to scrap those plans. Instead, we had a day of everything that I loved! We started out our morning at Starbucks and ordered our favorite drinks. We then went to HomeGoods so that I can prepare properly for the fall season. We then ended up at our favorite Italian market and during our shopping, I told Brad that I would make my mother’s sauce for him (his favorite meal). On our way home I remember looking over at Brad and saying to him “You know you are my best friend” and he agreed.

Throughout the day Brad was constantly getting up from our living room and going to our front door and saying what a terrible day it was today. Little did I know Brad was working through Plan B, take me to Belmar where we had first met – unfortunately, the weather refused to go along with his plan. I kept telling him that today was perfect it was an ‘us’ day. After dinner was done and me sitting there in my WWE apron (inside joke with us) Brad asked: “Do you know what could make today even better?” I replied, “What, cake” – we both laughed (plus I know my fiancé he loves his cake). Brad had said, “Nope, not cake” and that is when he got up and went down on one knee and said those four words I have been waiting for “Will you marry me?”