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Alexa and Cody’s Napa Valley Proposal

Posted on December 22, 2017 by Allison Dupree

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Susan Adler

How did you two meet? Once upon a time, long, long ago, way back in the 2012-2013 school year, there was a boy and a girl. Neither of them knew what to expect with graduation rapidly approaching, but with a strike of luck and a nudge from mutual friends, Alexa and Cody met. From the time they met it was clear there was something very special between the two of them, but no one could’ve guessed what would come next. Alexa-Cody-ProposalAfter making it through senior year, graduation and maintaining a great relationship living about 45 minutes from each other, they were confident they could make it through anything. Alexa and Cody then moved to Jersey City to pursue their dreams together in the big apple. It seemed like minutes later they were vacationing in Napa Valley where Cody decided he was going to pop the question at a beautiful vineyard sitting at an altitude of 1500 ft. Its been history (and wedding planning) ever since. Alexa-Cody-ProposalWhen did you get engaged? 04/11/2017 Where did you get engaged? Patland Estates in Napa, CA Alexa-Cody-ProposalYour engagement story! We planned to visit San Francisco, CA for our annual vacation. Cody’s aunt “won” a wine tour of a few Napa Valley wineries at a work function and asked if we would be interested in going on the tour. I was ecstatic because we had planned on visiting Napa regardless. Our wine tour took place on the second day. A wine sommelier came to pick us up for our tour and gave us incredible information about the wine country. Alexa-Cody-ProposalOur first stop was a “splash and dash.” We enjoyed a flight of champagne to start off our day. Next, we headed to White Rock Winery where we tasted some beautiful wines within the family’s 6,000 square foot cave. Our third stop was the breath-taking Patland Estate where we were set to have our boxed lunch. Alexa-Cody-ProposalUnbeknownst to me, a note that said, “Alexa, will you marry me?” laid inside our lunch box. As we sat down to eat, the truth of our trip began to unravel. No one actually won a wine tour, it was just an elaborate plan to throw me off and a picture perfect way to begin our new journey together. Alexa-Cody-Proposal