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7 Secret Ways to Save on Lululemon Gear

Posted on April 14 by Francesca Sgambati

New Jersey Bride Work Out Clothes
Working out is a great way to manage your stress levels when the wedding planning process has you pulling out your hair – not to mention the fact that toned arms will look awesome in your wedding dress.

While planning your wedding, saving money elsewhere can help you with your wedding budget. So, thanks to money-saving expert Andrea Woroch “you can avoid dumping your entire paycheck on workout clothes without compromising your style by following these seven secret ways to save on Lululemon gear.”

1. Stock up on discount gift cards.
Purchase Lululemon gift cards for up to 16% off face value and use these cards as payment for your next purchase. Check out  Gift Card Granny for a detailed  comparison of Lululemon gift cards available from several resellers. For example, you can currently purchase a $200 e-gift card for a little over $170, providing  a free $30 for your use towards apparel and accessories. Use these gift cards together with sales for even deeper discounts.

2. Browse the “We Made Too Much” section.
Lululemon’s We Made Too Much section represents sale merchandise with discounts ranging from 15 to over 50% off.  According to blogger Lulumum, new inventory  is added “every Thursday morning around 9am PST” on the website, and occurs on Wednesdays in the stores. Lulumum advises shoppers to seek out these discounted  goods both in the designated sale areas and throughout the store, as some markdowns are mixed among full-price items. “I’m always on the lookout for $19 Cool  Racerbacks and 105F singlets or sports bras and have purchased many of them at the sale price,” she says.

3. Shop sale events.
Black Friday, Boxing Day (Dec. 26) and The Warehouse Sale represent top the big sale events offered by Lululemon, according to Lulumum. Other sales occur on a  local basis, so follow both your local store and the national brand on Facebook and Twitter for notifications about upcoming events. For example, one of the  Denver locations of Lululemon is hosting a Spring Clearing Event later this month which they advertised on Facebook.

4. Scout third-party retail sales.
Like other athletic apparel manufactures, Lululemon sells its apparel and other goods at yoga studios, gyms and fitness clubs across the country. Shoppers can  take advantage of seasonal discounts offered by these facilities, since new arrivals will always result in markdowns on current stock. Initial discounts are  often 10 to 20%, while late-season deals can see savings of up to 50% (though inventory will be slimmer). Sign up for your studio’s e-newsletter or ask one of  your yoga instructors to let you know when the next round of apparel discounts begins.

5. Take advantage of a professional discount.
Lululemon extends a 15% discount to certified yoga instructors and other fitness professionals through their  Team Research and Development program. You must sign  up for the program at a retail store and provide proof of certification and a photo ID. If you’re friends with a yoga instructor who is willing to make purchases  on your behalf at his or her discounted rate (for reimbursement, of course), you can score apparel and other Lululemon products at this discount.

6. Visit thrift shops and consignment stores.
  It’s possible to find Lululemon at thrift shops and local consignment stores, though inventory and styles will be limited and availability is difficult to gauge.  It may be easier to shop for gently-used styles online at consignors like, where you can save up to 90% off gently-used clothing including Lululemon  apparel. Head to Coupon Sherpa for a thredUp promo code for 20% off your order for even more savings! You can filter by “like new” for a selection of least-used  garments.

7. Try a bidding site.
eBay, Amazon and Poshmark represent outlets for both brand-new and gently-used Lululemon apparel and products. While discounts can be significant, it’s important  to research the current or original selling price of an identical or comparable item from Lululemon before you buy. eBay (and Poshmark in some cases) features a  bidding component, so set a maximum amount you’re willing to pay and don’t forget to factor in shipping costs. Amazon Marketplace sellers represent an  alternative to the bidding format; OneLittleBox is currently selling a Lululemon Seamlessly Street Crop in Heathered Gray for $69.99, compared to the store price  of $78.

Andrea Woroch is a money-saving expert who transforms everyday consumers into savvy shoppers by sharing smart spending tips and personal finance advice.  As a sought-after media source, she has been featured among such top news outlets as Good Morning America, Today, CNN, Dr. OZ, New York Times, MONEY Magazine,  Consumer Reports, Forbes and many more. In addition, Andrea’s stories have been published among leading publications and sites such as Yahoo!, AOL Daily Finance,  CNN Money, Huffington Post, LearnVest and New York Daily News. Check out Andrea’s demo reel or visit her  website at for more information about booking an interview or requesting an original written article. You  can also follow her on Twitter or Facebook for daily money  tips.