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6 Tips for Successfully Navigating a Bridal Show

Posted on January 20, 2016 by New Jersey Bride

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Bridal shows are a great way to find sources for your wedding, but they can often be overwhelming if you’re not prepared. So David Lombardi, director of catering at The Westin Governor Morris Hotel in Morristown, shared with us six tips on how you can successfully navigate your way through upcoming bridal shows and walk away with some great information and details for your wedding.  


1.Do your research, even at the show.

Yes, it’s OK to look at your phone! Today’s buying methods have changed dramatically—consumers no longer buy purely based on instinct and need. Instead, everyone has become smarter shoppers and are more educated buyers due to our smart phones. At the show, use your smart phone to look up the vendors. See a vendor, but are unsure about their products or services? Google them, and read a review. The more information you have about the different vendors, the easier it will be to make a final decision on who you want to hire for your wedding.


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2. Put an emphasis on the food. 

People love food. You love food. So make food a priority at your wedding. Find information such as recommendations and compliments about the food quality and service—was it hot? Was it delicious? Be sure to sample the food—both passed hors d’oeuvres and food stations—at any bridal show you attend. This is the perfect opportunity for the location to show off their culinary offerings. Make sure you like what you’re sampling!


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3. Look for vendors, especially photographers, with experience. 

This is your wedding, not a high-school photography class. Choose a photographer with experience and one that is known for weddings. Your innovative, brilliant and artsy sixteen-year-old cousin might be a great photographer, but your wedding isn’t time for him or her to practice.


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4. Make sure you know your wedding budget going into the show. 

Your wedding day keeps getting closer and you still may not have a solid idea on which vendors you want. Vendors at bridal shows would love for you to buy their product of service that day, but is it right for YOU? Remember it’s your special day and everything has to fit perfectly, including the cost. Be sure to ask about prices before you sign any contracts or get your hopes up about any particular product or service.


5. Take Mom and Dad. 

Yes, they can tag along. They’ve been there for you and may be paying a portion of your wedding. It’s always great to have a second—and third—opinion, especially from people who know you so well. 


6. Look for deals—they’re out there! 

Just like food, we all love a deal. Almost every vendor will have a special deal or promotion for his or her product or service. It might not be advertised, but BE SURE to ask. Money saved is money gained.


And be sure to attend The Westin Governor Morris Hotel’s upcoming bridal show on Saturday, February 27, 2016. Click here for more details. 

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