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6 Reasons to AVOID Wedding Planning at Work

Posted on August 14, 2014 by New Jersey Bride

6 Reasons to Avoid Wedding Planning at Work

Planning your wedding takes a lot of image-hunting, vendor researching and review-reading, and you may be like the majority of brides out there who say they spend at least a little time during their workday wedding-planning while on the clock. Or, you might be among those brides-to-be who spend a lot of time wedding planning while at work. But the last thing we want is for you to be among the brides out there who got fired for wedding planning at work. Your company, after all, might have strict rules about conducting personal business during work time or your employee handbook may expressly forbid personal computer or phone time during business hours. Your boss may let you off with a warning the first time you’re busted with Pinterest wedding images filling your computer screen, or you might stumble into a zero-tolerance situation that sends you out the door with all of your stuff in a box. Here are some reasons to save all of your wedding planning for after work hours, or during lunch when you’re not on the clock:

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  1. You could get passed up for big projects at work. If your boss or manager knows that you’re distracted by your wedding plans, as evidenced by your slow report turnaround or IT’s discovery of your computer browsing history, you may not be chosen for that big, career-making project. If all you do is talk wedding, people at work notice, and it just too important for the company to not have laser-focused workers doing their best on this big project.New-Jersey-Bride-Real-Weddings-Winter-Wonderland-Inspiration-005-Invite-5
  2. You could create a big problem with your guest list. If you’re showing co-workers the gorgeous naked cake you just saw online, and then asking their opinions on bridesmaids’ dresses, cocktail-party menu choices and signature drink ideas, they might assume that they’ll be invited to the wedding. If they don’t get an invite, and see on your social media that your invites are out, they’ll certainly feel offended. Hyatt Regency Jersey City
  3. You could bother your fiancé at work, and potentially get him fired. If you’re constantly calling him about wedding venues, menu options and the latest drama from his mother, he’s going to be distracted from his job.
  4. New-Jersey-Bride-NJ-Summer-Wedding-Liberty-House-Jersey-City-z0962You could get distracted from your own work tasks. Distraction can cause you to be a disorganized mess at work, which can lead to you having to work over the weekend to catch up on your work tasks. That can ratchet up your stress levels, and cause you to miss out on fun weekend plans with friends or family.
  5. vending machineYou could get wedding-stressed and hit the vending machine at work. Aggravation and wedding inspiration overwhelm could lead you right to the vending machine for chips and candy bars, wrecking your diet and sapping your workday energy.
  6. Wedding planning at work.You could actually slow down your wedding-planning progress. If you email your wedding vendors during workday hours, you might not hear from them right away. They, after all, are spending their own workday hours covering tasks for this weekend’s weddings, and your non-urgent messages could get pushed to the back-burner. Granted, some wedding experts are able to respond to emails right away, but if your wedding isn’t this weekend, you could find yourself waiting a day or two.