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5 Tips for Planning The Perfect Destination Wedding

Posted on May 06, 2016 by New Jersey Bride

New Jersey Destination Wedding
[Michele and Ron Tie the Knot at the Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas]


“Everyone dreams of the perfect destination event. Whether it’s a wedding, a milestone, or a birthday, the thought of traveling with your closest friends and family is the ultimate trip. However, what is seemingly effortless, can be a total disaster if not properly thought out and coordinated. Everyone has different needs, wants, personalities and opinions which can make planning a trip difficult. To avoid the stress, the team at Hollywood POP Gallery has put together their top 5 pieces of advice from years of experience to help you plan the perfect celebratory getaway. With minimal stress!!

1.  Make sure that the majority of funds are placed on activities, destination experiences and overall bonding with friends and family.

2. Send out a detailed agenda to guests a few months before the party, so they could sign up for sports and activities throughout their stay.  Create  a personalized itinerary for each guest.

3. Make each day of activities fun & celebratory! Each evening, as guests retire to their hotel rooms, write a note and/or poem & place it on their pillow with a small gift. For example, before a day of golf and the night of poker, they can receive a miniature book on poker with a note that read, “Take a little look, at this mini poker book. And these golfing quotes for fun, may help you get a hole in one!”

4.  Pick the location wisely. The appeal of destination events has been growing each year. Some of the hottest destinations are St. Barth’s, Croatia, the Maldives, Bora Bora, and South Africa. Base your destination on your budget. The dollar will go farther in say Mexico than St Barth’s. Do a bit of research beforehand to better understand how far your dollar will go at each planned destination.

5. Make it memorable! Have a scrapbook and/or a camera on hand for guests to inscribe their favorite memory to the guest of honor. Create a special Social Media Page for this specific event and encourage guests to post photos, comments. Now the celebration can continue, and last long after the party is over!”



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