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5 Tips for a Perfect Proposal

Posted on February 09, 2016 by New Jersey Bride

New Jersey Bride—View from Molos' Dining Room

Planning to pop the question or know someone who’s about to? Eliana Stefanitsis knows a thing or two about making that moment a special one. Since opening Molos in 2013, the Weehawken restaurant averages a proposal a month and it’s when Stefanitsis gets to play double-duty as GM and in-house proposal planner, coming up with some of the most unique ways to make that magicical moment even more memorable.  

This refined Greek-inspired seafood restaurant located on the Hudson River has the most spectacular unobstructed views of the New York City skyline, making it one of the most romantic spots in the Metropolitan area to bring a loved one.  

“Often times, I get a call from a shaky male voice and generally right away I know why they are calling,” says Stefanitsis. “Some are so excited, they will call and notify me about the proposal three months in advance. We love to get involved in proposals, whether it’s by setting up a menu of the food they had on their first date, or serving the ring in a glass of champagne. The best proposal I have experienced was when a man rented a plane who flew passed Molos with a banner that said ‘Jennifer, Will You Marry Me?’ while they dined by the water.

Here are her 5 tips for a perfect proposal:

  1. Get her family and friends involved. After the proposal, have them ready to celebrate one of the happiest times in your lives. They can also make sure the bride has her nails done!
  2. Make it meaningful. The proposal should be something special to the both of you, whether it’s at a sentimental location or with a special song played from your first date.
  3. Hire a photographer. The person doesn’t need to be a professional and could even be a family member. Whomever it is, you will want them to document this once in a lifetime experience. You will also want to show your kids one day how nervous you were to ask their mom to marry you.
  4. Start early. The earlier you propose, the more time in the day you have to celebrate with loved ones and call all your family and friends who aren’t with you.
  5. Get a professional involved! The restaurant will help you work through the timeline of events and coordinate anything special like flowers or even the cake that you are going to hide the ring in! Don’t worry—they are so excited that you decided to propose to your fiancé at their restaurant, they will do anything they can to help you!