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5 Things to Include with Your Wedding Invite

Posted on August 26, 2014 by New Jersey Bride

Don’t listen to those wedding know-it-alls who say you don’t have to enclose any inserts in your wedding invitations just because you have details provided on your personal wedding website. This is a case where the efficiency of a website comes in a distant second place to the beauty and special feeling of a gorgeous wedding invitation filled with pretty insert cards. For her second wedding, Susan debated the Garden Gate wedding invite from Guests may be tech-savvy, but when they get a wedding invite without any insert cards, they wonder if you forgot them, or if you cheaped out and didn’t order any. Not the impression you want to make. So as you look for your perfect wedding invitation designs, keep in mind that you’ll still need to choose or design, and order, insert cards that reflect your style and serve your guests’ needs.

Here are 5 wedding invitation inserts they want to receive:

For her second wedding, Susan picks out whimsical wedding invitations at   1. Wedding Response Cards. These pretty cards are so important to you, since there’s nothing like the excitement you’ll feel every time one of those little response card envelopes shows up in your mailbox, and they help you configure your guest headcount for your catering order and reception plans. Guests will often go beyond writing in their name and checking the boxes for Will Attend or Sending Regrets. In addition to checking their meal preference on the back of the card (which they like when they see ‘Gluten-Free’ and other special meal options offered – you’re so considerate!) guests now tend to write a little note to you on this card, like “We can’t wait!” and “We’re so happy for you!” making them extra-special keepsakes. Always include a stamped envelope for guests to mail this card back to you, and it looks much better to have these envelopes pre-printed with your name and address than to DIY these with address labels. wedding reception card invite 2. Reception Cards. While the invitation provides details on the ceremony location and time, the reception card lets guests know where the reception is going to be, and when. This comes in handy when you have a dual-setting wedding, and it’s also excellent if you’re among the wedding couples who invite tons of people to the ceremony, but a smaller group to the reception. (The etiquette of this is for another day – right now, we’re just talking reception card needs!) Custom map for your wedding invite 3. Printed Directions and Maps. Sure, many people have GPS, but some out-of-towners might not know the area, or their rental car might not have a GPS…and their smartphone doesn’t have a charge on it. A printed directions card and map save the day. Aim to have these printed on the same kind of paper stock as your invitations suite for the best look. Flimsy paper photocopied looks cheap. (And triple-check directions before you have these printed!) Accommodations card invite4. Accommodations Cards. Yes, hotel information and links are on your personal wedding website, but by the time your wedding day arrives, people might not remember where they put your Save the Date that originally provided the link to your site. So, including hotel and room block details on this card helps guests make their travel plans and save money on their rooms. When this card isn’t included in invitation inserts, guests tend to call for details. And that can be a lot of calls and emails asking about your hotel room block. Also include car rental agency information and details on where the closest airports are. If you’ve arranged for car rental discounts or a shuttle from the airport, those details go here as well. Wedding website card for invite 5. A reminder of your personal wedding website. Guests whose smartphones do have a charge on them can easily access all the information they need, and with links to the hotel, often arrange for babysitting, spa treatments, mani/pedis and more, all without contacting you for help. Plus, with this reminder, guests may be reminded to leave a message on your personal wedding website’s Guest Book and see all the new photos and info you’ve added to your site recently.