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5 Inserts You Should Include With Your Wedding Invitations

Posted on January 12, 2016 by Francesca Sgambati

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Christy Nicole Photography from Carlie and Joshua’s Wedding

Don’t listen to those wedding know-it-alls who say you don’t have to enclose any inserts in your wedding invitations if the details are provided on your personal wedding website. This is a case where the efficiency of a website comes in a distant second place to not only the beauty and special feeling of a gorgeous wedding invitation filled with pretty insert cards, but also the practicality. Guests may be tech-savvy, but when they get an invite without any insert cards, they wonder if you forgot them.

Here are five wedding invitation inserts guests want to receive:
1. Wedding response cards. Besides being necessary to figure out a head count for dinner and seating plans, you’ll also get pretty excited every time one of these little response card envelopes shows up in your mailbox. Guests will often add personal notes, making the response cards extra-special keepsakes. It looks much better to have these envelopes pre-printed with your name and address than to DIY these with address labels—and always include a stamp.
2. Reception cards. While the invitation provides details about the ceremony location and time, the reception card lets guests know where and when the reception is taking place.
3. Directions and maps. Sure, many people have GPS, but some out-of-towners might not know the area, their rental car might not have GPS or their phone may not be charged. A directions card can save the day. Print these on the same paper stock as your invitations for the best look—flimsy photocopies look cheap. And triple-check directions before you have them printed!
4. Accommodations cards. Yes, hotel information and links are on your personal wedding website, but by the time your wedding day arrives, people might not remember where they put your Save the Date that originally provided the link to your site. Including hotel and room block details on this card helps guests make their travel plans and save money on their rooms. Also include car rental agency information and details on where the closest airports are. If you’ve arranged for car rental discounts or a shuttle from the airport, those details go here as well.
5. A reminder of your wedding website. Guests can easily access all the information they need for your wedding here without contacting you for help. Plus, with this card, guests may be reminded to leave a message on your website’s guest book and see the new photos and info you’ve added to your site recently.