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4 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips From Justin Alexander Warshaw

Posted on May 25, 2023 by Jacqueline Larcara

Gown designer Justin Alexander Warsaw offers tips for wedding dress shopping nj.

In September, Justin Alexander Warshaw, the CEO and creative director of wedding-gown brand Justin Alexander, went from gown designer to groom when he married Kelsey Turchi. Following an intimate ceremony close to their home in Westfield, Justin and Kelsey enjoyed a larger celebration in Tuscany, Italy.

For years, Justin has been an important but behind-the-scenes presence for countless brides’ big days, creating gowns that make their wedding wardrobe dreams come true. After going through his own wedding planning process, the designer says, “I can relate to the experience that our customers, our brides, the couples are going through.”

On the heels of the release of his new gown collection, titled Of Dreams, which was inspired by his wedding, we asked Justin to offer some wedding dress shopping tips.

Just like when you knew your partner was the one for you, “it’s a similar feeling with that wedding dress shopping experience,” says Justin.

The Utopia, Arcadia and Euphoria gowns from Of Dreams, the new Justin Alexander Signature collection.
The Utopia, Arcadia and Euphoria gowns from Of Dreams, the new Justin Alexander Signature collection. Courtesy of Justin Alexander Signature

1: Do Your Research

“Familiarize yourself with brands and styles that you have an interest in.”

2: Have an Open Mind

“A bride might not know what looks best on her. She might have a preconception of, ‘oh I want clean,’ and then she tries on a lace dress or a textured dress and she’s like, ‘oh my goodness, I didn’t think I would like this and I’m absolutely obsessed with how I look. I feel like a bride.’”

3: Lean on Your Stylist

“They have a lot of experience working with brides of all figures and preferences.”

4: Soak in the Moment

“You don’t need to go to five shops,” says Justin. “You might find the one on your first shopping experience, because a lot of these stores have wide assortments. Don’t take away from the moment you had when you find that dress just because you have another appointment. Really celebrate that moment when it happens.”