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2018 Wedding Trends

Posted on February 02 by Allison Dupree

A new year calls for new, amazing wedding trends! There are so many different possibilities for your wedding— from flowers, to invitations, to hair, everything! Leave us a comment with your favorite trends and how you’ll incorporate some of them into your special day!

Cascading Bouquet and Greenery as Centerpieces

Greenery is the new floral when it comes to bouquets. Having a cascading bouquet with different types of leaves and a few small flowers is a beautiful alternative to an all flower bouquet. I love how effortlessly elegant this style is, and it’s a little more cost effective. Your possibilities are endless! You can also incorporate the greenery into your man’s boutonniere, which will really make quite the statement on his lapel. Greenery running down the table or elegantly arranged in vases for centerpieces are also a beautiful way to use this trend if you’re opting for a traditional bouquet but still want some greenery.

Meghan and Anthony, Lauren Fair Photography

Dramatic Florals

Brides are steering away from soft, pastel flowers and are moving towards impactful colors on dark backgrounds. This trend can be carried throughout your day with stationery (black and gold foil is another big trend for your paper goods), the sweetheart table backdrop (just think of how your white dress will POP) and for the more daring bride, your bridesmaid dresses.

Bella Figura-2018 trend
Bella Figura

Minimalist Decor/Wedding

Less is more isn’t typically associated with weddings-until now. Small, intimate weddings with minimalist details are becoming more common than large, over-the-top events. Guest lists are shrinking, as are the bridal parties, allowing the bride and groom to invite the people truly closest to them to their special day. This also allows couples to have their weddings in more unique locations versus the large ballrooms needed to accommodate everyone.

The Loft at Jack’s Barn

Transparent Touches

Transparent elements are a fun way to add some modern touches to your wedding day. Vellum sheets with gorgeous calligraphy or even names written on backs of Lucite chairs as place cards are a fun way to bring this see through trend into your day. Lots of couples are also opting for venues with gorgeous skylights or glass ceilings to bring in some natural light while you dance the night away. Vellum envelopes and additional top pieces are a subtle way to incorporate this trend without going all out.

Vanessa Joy


Dancing the night away at your wedding doesn’t have to end when your reception is over! More often than not, couples are opting for organized after parties once the reception ends. Friends and family come in from out of town for your special day, so keeping the party going is a great way to spend more quality time with them during one of the happiest times of your life.

Nicole and Michael, Unique Concepts Studio Inc.


Texture will play a huge role in 2018 weddings. Be on the lookout for marble dance floors, fabric invites, velvet shoes, anything you can imagine will be used! Macramé is a great example of how differently textural elements can be used in your décor, through hanging place card holders or table runners. This trend has so many ways to make it your own, so do something that speaks to you and your fiancé!

Jane and Robert, Ann Coen Photography

Interactive Food Stations

Food is a huge part of any party, but the food at your wedding is an even bigger deal. 2018 is bringing the idea of interactive food to your wedding. Whether that’s buffet style food stations, DIY dessert bars, or even scooping punch as a “signature cocktail” – yes punch is totally making a comeback as a wedding drink- your guests will have to play a role in their food.

Amber and Daniel, Steve Gerrard

Pretty Cakes

Cake has been an important part of wedding days since, well forever. Within the last year, we’ve seen actual cakes make a comeback from cupcakes, and that is here to stay. Pretty cakes will be a staple piece at 2018 weddings, and they will definitely be ready for their close up. Decked out in hand-painted patterns and sugar flowers, these cakes will be almost too pretty to eat. Don’t forget to save the top tier for one year!

Leigh and Matthew, Jason Rhee

Performances or Artists Throughout the Party

Want more than just music at your reception? Then this trend is right up your alley! 2018 is bringing more entertainment to your cocktail hour and reception to keep your guests occupied while the two of you are off taking timeless wedding photos. Dancers, artists and even cigar rollers are all becoming popular to make your wedding day just that little bit better.

Jessica and Kyle, Longbrook Photography

DJ and Live Band

The classic debate of DJ versus live band is no more! Mix it up and have both at your wedding. Adding a live singer to your reception keeps your guests on their toes (and on their feet dancing) the whole night. It allows you to have your first dance as a married couple exactly as Maroon 5 intended, but then your father-daughter dance can be a live singer. You can also opt for a more cost effective singer by hiring a local performer that you heard at your favorite coffee shop down the street.

Lyndsey and Mark, Nick and Kelly Photography


Braids are my favorite way to get my hair out of my face, so I’m very excited they’re a 2018 trend! There are a wide variety of braid types and many ways to incorporate them into your elegant bridal look. For a more boho vibe, you can add some flowers into the braid itself! Possibilities are endless and look fabulous with all hair types.

Kay English Photography


If you ask anyone with an interest in makeup what their favorite product is, chances are they’ll say highlighter. The subtle shimmer makes everyone’s skin look healthy and glowing—on top of the joyful glow the bride will already have— which is perfect for a wedding day. Couldn’t sleep the night before because of excitement? Put a small amount on the inner corners of your eyes and you’ll look bright eyed and ready to become a Mrs.


Jumpsuits are one of our favorite trends over here at NJB. They make for awesome wedding dress alternatives, whether it’s walking down the aisle or as a second outfit for dancing the night away. But we really love them for bridesmaids in 2018. They’re unique and are something your girls can wear again to formal event down the road. This can also be a great mother-of-the-bride or mother-of-the groom option for something a little more comfortable.

2018 trend-WattersBridesmaids

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