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16 Incredibly Romantic Wedding Ideas

Posted on March 04 by Denise Potter

Isn’t love grand? We sure think so! The very best weddings are the ones that incorporate romantic details from the bride and groom’s personal love story. Whether it’s small tokens of their time spent together or a grand gesture on the dance floor—a little romance goes a long way. There are all sorts of ways to accomplish having an incredibly romantic wedding (while still remaining modern and cool!) Here’s a list of our personal favorites!

0018_Mere&JohnENGPatricia Doles Photography

A Spring Wedding at Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury - New Jersey BrideEnchanted Celebrations

1. Start with a playful, old-fashioned engagement photo.

A-Spring-Wedding-at-Shadowbrook-Shrewsbury-New-Jersey-Bride01-586x800Enchanted Celebrations Photography

2. Get creative with rose petals. Line the aisle with them, scatter them on tables or even throw them in the air as you exit the church!


JenelleKappePhoto_McGrinley_044 Jenelle Kappe Photography

3. Sew a little reminder into the back of your gown, or even your groom’s tie!


Daryl Zweben and Jesse Hom's Wedding at Shadowbrook - New Jersey Bride
Brian Dorsey Studios

4. Set the scene with intimate lighting.

LisaTed-r201 Justin Tinapay Photography


5. Put it into words. Spell out LOVE wherever you see fit!

Nerdy-Chic-Wedding-Madison-Hotel-Conservatory-New-Jersey-Bride-I09A5200-800x533 Drew Noel Photography

6. Get a photo of you holding your parents’ wedding photos.


093_08-24-13-800x532Cliff Mautner Photography

7. Put your relationship timeline on display.


Enchanted Celebrations

8. Rock a vintage bridal look from your favorite decade–think Casablanca or The Roaring 20s!


15 Super Romantic Wedding Ideas Takemetomountains Photography

9. Have a “Ring for a Kiss” bell!


New-Jersey-Bride-Sarah-Postma-Krista-kohlmann-Dan-Klein-KristaDan_1087Sarah Postma Photography

10. Say Anything: Pay tribute to your favorite romantic movie with a special dance or scene reenactment.


1866_Mer&JohnPatricia Doles Photography

11. Hang tulips from the ceiling!


Fashion-Feature-Rowboat-Kay-English-Photography-New-Jersey-Bride02-800x588Kay English Photography

12. Don’t forget the romantic music.


Garden-Wedding-at-Naninas-in-the-Park-New-Jersey-Bride63-533x800Michael Romeo Photography

13. Incorporate classic details. Like a pocket watch!


A-Wedding-at-Oheka-Castle-New-Jersey-Bride03-800x532Jeff Tisman Photography

14. Monogram a handkerchief as a special keepsake for your flower girl. One day, when she is a bride, it will be her something old.


8161-533x800Jenifer Rutherford Photography

15. Get creative with lanterns. Line the aisles with them, use them as centerpieces or decorate as you please!


Garden-Wedding-at-Naninas-in-the-Park-New-Jersey-Bride152 Michael Romeo Photography

16. And finally…let sparks fly.



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