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13 NJ Food Trucks to Consider for Your Wedding

Posted on November 06, 2015 by Francesca Sgambati


Are you looking to rent a food truck for your wedding day? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best food trucks in New Jersey, ranging from tacos and pizza, to cupcakes and sweet and savory waffles! Whether you’re looking to serve your guests dinner, or if you just want some delicious late night snacks…here are some of our favorite choices.

1. PizzaVita

New Jersey Bride PizzaVita Food Truck Pizza
PizzaVita Facebook Page

PizzaVita creates “pizza the way Italians meant it to be,” and after a night of celebrating and dancing, who wouldn’t enjoy some wood fire pizza made with the freshest ingredients?



2. The Taco Truck

New Jersey Bride The Taco Truck
The Taco Truck Facebook Page

The Taco Truck brings “authentically crafted, naturally delicious Mexican street food to taco fanatics,” with options including beef, pork  and chicken tacos, burritos and quesadillas and Mexican sandwiches known as Tortas.


3. Pudgy’s street food

Pudgy's Street Food
Pudgy’s Street Food Facebook Page

If you’re looking for comfort foods, look no further. Pudgy’s “prepares all the foods you crave – from gourment hotdogs with unique toppings to signature fresh cut fries.” Uh, sign us up!


4. Aroy-D The Thai Elephant Truck

New Jersey Bride Aroy-D Thai Food Truck
The Thai Elephant Facebook Page

Aroy-D ( which is Thai for “very yummy”) is a mobile Thai kitchen that was started by a husband and wife. If you’re looking to spice things up with something exotic, Aroy-D is the way to go.



5. The Empanada Express

New Jersey Bride The Empanada Express food Truck
The Empanada Express Facebook

Consists of authentic Puerto Rican dishes such as empanadas, arroz con pollo, alcapurrias and canoas.



6. Bacon on Wheels

New Jersey Bride Bacon on Wheels Food Truck
Bacon on Wheels Facebook Page

Bacon. On wheels. Do we need to say more? “Using premium Bacon as his primary protein source the truck will offer savory and sweet choices of the cured pork belly,” including options such as cheesy mashed potatoes topped with crispy bacon or chocolate covered bacon with maple syrup for dipping.


7. Oink and moo BBQ

New Jersey Bride Oink and Moo BBQ Food Truck
Oink and Moo BBQ Facebook Page

“Serving savory American BBQ” including pulled pork sliders and tacos, ribs, quesadillas and chili. Perfect for any BBQ lover!


8. Reuben on Rye

New Jersey Bride Reuben On Rye Food Truck
Reuben On Rye Facebook Page

They, of course, specialize in Reubens (and BBQ brisket fries). They have a huge menu which includes items such as hot corned beef, pastrami and brisket, grilled chicken, roast beef, turkey, tuna, Reubens, salads, matzo ball soup, knishe and  kosher dogs.




9. Surf and Turf Truck

New Jersey Bride Surf and Turf Food Truck
Surf and Turf Truck Facebook Page

Perfect for any beach wedding! Their motto is “we bring the beach to you…curbside,” with their specialty being lobster rolls.




10. IncrediBalls

New Jersey Bride IncrediBalls Food Truck
IncrediBalls Facebook Page

IncrediBalls offers an assortment on meatballs, including traditional Italian and Swedish meatballs and a buffalo chicken “meatball.”



11. Amanda Bananas

New Jersey Bride Amanda Bananas Food Truck
Amanda Bananas Facebook Page

Amanda Bananas serves whipped banana with toppings of your choice, including fresh fruits, coconut, granola, sprinkles, crushed Oreo’s and  chocolate syrup. “A healthy alternative to ice cream and frozen yogurt. It’s made from 100% fruit…making it dairy free, gluten free, vegan and zero weight watchers points.”


12. Polkadot Cupcake Shop

New Jersey Bride Polkadot Cupcake Shop Food Truck
Polkadot Cupcake Shop Facebook Page

A mobile dessert truck that “offers gourmet cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cake pops, pull-apart cakes and more, in an assortment of flavors to satisfy every craving. Many of our flavors are also available in a Gluten-free variety as well, and everything we do is customizable.”




13. Waffle de Lys

New Jersey Bride Waffle De Lys Food Truck
Waffle de Lys Facebook Page

Waffle de Lys offers sweet and savory waffles. Whether you’re looking for a sweet late night snack, or something hearty and delicious,”our creative fusion of flavors brings you the best sweet and savory options.” Including flavors like potato and cheese waffles with a bed of fresh greens, or something more traditional like a Belgian waffle with fresh fruit, Belgian chocolate and vanilla ice cream.