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10 Steps to the Perfect Choreographed Wedding Dance

Posted on August 06, 2015 by Susan Brierly Bush

A Beach Wedding at The Channel Club, Monmouth - New Jersey Bride
Noel/Avantcore Photography

1. Make your first dance a complete surprise. Seriously, don’t tell your mom or even your bestie. 


Choreographing first dance. Jason Rhee Photography2. Don’t get attached to one tune. Just because a song is sentimental doesn’t mean it has high entertainment value. Give your choreographer several options.

A Wedding at Congress Hall, Cape May - New Jersey Bride
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3. Choose a song that’s no longer than two minutes. It will be easier to choreograph and more engaging for your guests to watch.


Second Tim Around Wedding - Add Some “Broadway” to Your First Dance - New Jersey Bride
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4. Practice, practice, practice. Review your choreographer’s notes after each rehearsal and listen to your song at home and in your car.



A City Wedding at The Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson - New Jersey Bride
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5. As you get comfortable with your routine, throw in your own ad-libs and comedic touches to personalize the performance.


A Wedding at The Venetian, Garfield - New Jersey Bride
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6. Decide whether your song will be played by a band, deejay or through your venue’s sound system. Your rehearsal version should be identical to your performance version.


A Shore Wedding at Mallard Island Yacht Club, Manahawkin - New Jersey Bride
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7. At least once, be sure to rehearse in your actual performance space. 


First Dance8. Remember, your wedding reception shoes might not be suitable (or safe) for dancing. Consider a separate pair of dance shoes.


A Wedding at Windows on the Water - New Jersey Bride
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9. Don’t drink and dance. Schedule your performance early at your reception, before the champagne bubbles make you too tipsy to remember your moves.


Daryl Zweben and Jesse Hom's Wedding at Shadowbrook - New Jersey Bride
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10. Don’t worry if you misstep; most guests won’t notice. If you aim for choreography worthy of Dancing with the Stars, you’re adding a lot of pressure to an already stressful day.