About This Vendor

The Wedding Dance Whisperer is a choreographer team serving weddings in the New Jersey and the New York City area. This business is owned and run by Lexi. She has been dancing for over 30 years in the industry, a certified ballroom instructor and has her BFA in music and dance. Using her experience and talent, Lexi and her team work hard to make sure your dance is exactly how you envisioned it.. while of course having the time of your life learning the routine.  Lexi and her team always believe that it’s not just about the final dance but the experience leading up to it that is just as special!

The Wedding Dance Whisperer team not only teaches you how to have a memorable first dance but also HOW to dance with your partner—a fun skill you can take with you for the rest of your lives!

In addition to wedding first dances, Lexi and her team also choreograph mother-son or father-daughter dances, group bachelor and bachelorette dances and offer virtual sessions. No matter where you are in the world, Lexi and her team have got your dance needs covered!


“We cannot stress enough about how incredible this experience was! Lexi and her team created such a warm and friendly environment, which made the learning process so enjoyable and stress-free!” – Lea R

“Lexi did a fantastic job working with our skill sets to make the best possible choreography for our first dance. We love you, Lexi! 10/10!” – Sydnie B

“From the start, Lexi made my husband and I both feel at ease. She made it easy and fun to learn all the steps, and was amazingly encouraging and positive throughout. Afterwards, we even signed up for continuing dance lessons. Book Lexi and her team now! :)” – Erin C