About Us

Your wedding deserves the highest quality entertainment without exception—a band that can deliver a dynamic and high-energy concert-style show while paying attention to every last detail that is important to you.

The Benjamins unique style of classic, modern, elegance and edge is something they have been cultivating since their inception in 1999. With experience at more than 300 events per year, stretching from the northern states of Maine and Vermont, out west to Ohio and Oklahoma, and all the way down to the Florida Keys, they are constantly innovating and evolving their show to give their clients everything they could have imagined and then some.

What makes a great band is the passion for performing and loving every aspect of it. Their brides and grooms entrust them to not only perform the music that day but to lead as entertainment coordinators. From the first conversation of booking to the last note played at your wedding, they are personally involved in every step to make sure that the entertainment for your special day is everything you imagined.

The Benjamins will be the right choice for any kind of atmosphere at your wedding. From a casual backyard celebration, a modern boutique barn setting, an edgy and eclectic wedding, to a classic black-tie affair, The Benjamins incorporate exceptional style, energy, dedication, originality and memorable passion into every performance.