About Us

Couples spend so much time planning the wedding day and making it reflect their personalities, the wedding ceremony shouldn’t be any different. It is Rev. Maureen Jeffries’ goal to make sure that each ceremony is a reflection of the couple and their love for one another. By getting to know the couple, their relationship and how they interact with one another, whether that includes religious or spiritual elements, family traditions or rituals, together they make it a ceremony that honors each couple and their commitment to one another.

Finding the right balance between tradition, faith, family expectations and the need to express individuality is at the forefront of every service that Rev. Jeffries officiates. It’s important that every guest walk away from your ceremony feeling like they have seen something special. Rev. Jeffries takes your concerns and your feelings to heart to create a service that is a true reflection of who you are and what you would like to express to one another and your community.