About Us

Molly is a New Jersey and destination-wedding photographer.
Like most girls, she dreamt of being a bride the majority of her life, always wondering who would be standing on the other side of the altar and imagining nothing less than a fairytale ending. These dreams became a reality. Somewhere between falling in love and planning for her future, photography became her true calling. When she sits and reflects on the photographs that she’s taken, she doesn’t simply see a pretty bride and glamorous bridesmaids. She sees a bride with friends around her who build her up and support her. She doesn’t just see a bride and groom all dressed up, she sees two people who will never have THIS moment again. She doesn’t just see a father and daughter holding back their tears as they sway back and forth on the dance floor—she sees a father flashing back to the messy sweet toddler that she once was.

You see, pretty photographs are what they are, pretty. But, your STORY is important and impactful and THAT is what Molly sees beauty in. She truly believes she was put here to create, encourage and serve those around her. Marriage is a sacred union and she is beyond grateful that she is able to capture, honor and celebrate with you.

Audio/Visual Amenities

  • PhotojournalismTrue
  • Light and airyTrue
  • Candid photosTrue
  • AlbumsTrue
  • Online galleryTrue
  • Wedding portraitsTrue
  • Engagement shootTrue