About Us

Father Vince Corso speaks a language needed in today’s world. Servicecompassion and respect are the cornerstones of his professional and personal life. Grounded in Franciscan community life for 20 years and ordained in 1980, Father Vince continues to minister as a married priest.

Those who approach him to discuss plans for an upcoming wedding or other service can be assured of being welcomed with open arms and respect for personal circumstances and beliefs.

As a social worker, Vince blends the tenets of psychology and spirituality, walking with others in pursuit of wholeness and intimacy. He has worked throughout the Americas in a variety of settings including Covenant House, serving homeless and runaway youth; college campus ministry; and social work and bereavement services for hospice care. He holds masters degrees in Divinity and Social Work.

Vince worked as Manager of Spiritual Care and Bereavement Services for the VNSNY Hospice Program in New York City, and continues to balance his wedding ministry with bereavement work.

He lives in Essex County, New Jersey, with his wife, Christine, and their two children.​

A typical ceremony will last 25 to 30 minutes depending upon the venue and how the couple chooses to personalize it. This is your ceremony, and you may create it as you wish; his role is to assist with ideas and concrete suggestions. There is room for readings as well as other symbolic acts, such as the lighting of a unity candle, the sharing of a cup of wine or any appropriate action you would like. In addition, you may include people who are special to you in roles such as a reading, music or giving a blessing or reflection during the ceremony.

The officiant is in your life for a short time, but plays an intense, intimate and important role. Father Vince brings the insights he’s gained over twenty years of counseling couples, as well as his own experience as a husband, father and psychotherapist. Your ceremony will be uniquely your own and will speak to your family and guests of the depth of your love and your hopes for the future.