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Prohibition Chic at the Stone House at Stirling Ridge

Tiffany Basdekis’s famous last words before their first date were: “I’m exhausted and don’t really want to go. I can’t see staying for more than one drink.”


Five hours later, the restaurant kindly asked George Tewfik, a physician at St. Barnabas Hospital, and Tiffany to leave. Instantly inseparable, the couple found themselves a month later in a taxicab at 3 a.m. “I want to get married,” Tiffany euphorically blurted out to George, who had perfectly fit in with her friends that night. “Well, not just to anyone. To you.” George immediately revealed: “I’ve loved you since our second date. I think we should get engaged this year.” His proposal followed 11 months later.


Riding in a 1956 Bentley with her father, Tiffany arrived at St. Stephen’s Church of South Plainfield on the morning of May 18, in a satin fit-and-flare gown. George’s father, an Antiochian Orthodox Archpriest, married the Bloomfield couple.


Crowned in the same ribbon headpieces worn by Tiffany’s parents at their Greek Orthodox wedding 32 years earlier, the couple followed George’s father around a table three times in the Eastern Orthodox marriage tradition, the “Dance of Isaiah.”


After the ceremony, they rode in the Bentley as Mr. and Mrs. Tewfik to the Stone House at Stirling Ridge, chosen for its balance of modern elegance and rustic, casual beauty.


Creator of the wedding and lifestyle blog Pretty Brass Tacks, Tiffany knew exactly how to craft her own unique blend of vintage glamour and contemporary style. The “Prohibition chic” theme came through in four different tablescape designs accented with mercury-glass votives and speakeasy-style décor, including Arabic hookahs around outdoor fire pits.


George and Tiffany subtly incorporated the state insect of New Jersey, the honeybee, into every aspect of their wedding, adorning invitations, menus, décor and even beeswax candlestick shower favors.


Harbingers of good luck, honeybees are symbols of enlightenment, and bring wisdom, hope and good fortune.


Adding to these winged wishers of luck and happiness were the couple’s 200 guests, dancing the night away. After a mini-moon at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, a longer honeymoon to Bora Bora followed five months later.


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Ceremony Location

St. Stephen's

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Stone House at Stirling Ridge


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