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Sheva and Andrew at Fiesta Banquets

Posted on February 23, 2018 by Allison Dupree

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How did you meet? I have a side job as a waitress and was asked to work on one of the busiest days – the NYC Marathon. Andrew was meeting his high school friends for their annual fantasy football get together that happened to be held there. Due to the race and street closures, he showed up 3 hours late – I figured it’s why he ordered the IPA to catch up. We ended up talking for hours after my shift and we realized we have lived within 3 blocks of each other for two years in Hoboken. He showed up the following week to ask for my number and the rest is history.


How did you get engaged? I love karaoke. I was in my element singing the duet ” A Whole New World” from Aladdin. He suddenly went down on his knee and proposed at the end. The song immediately switched to “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers and my heart was outpacing the tempo and I said “YES!” My friends and family were outside the karaoke room with signs and balloons. The way he brought everyone together made me want to have a wedding to recreate that group happiness.

sheva-andrew-fiestaDetails of your day: We went with a traditional gold and ivory scheme. The flowers were Sahara roses and my bouquet was a beautiful blend of freesia, white rose, and Sahara rose. I wanted everything to be simple and classic. Since our wedding was in the summer I purchased dozens of gold flip-flops in various sizes (and black larger sizes for men) for guests to change out of their heels from and take home. The switch to flip flops kept the dance floor going.

sheva-andrew-fiestaWhy did you choose your venue? We heard so much about the venue through friends and colleagues that it was family run and owned. The staff was so accommodating and available living up to their reputation.

sheva-andrew-fiestaAll about your cake: The cake was half Nutella chocolate and the other half vanilla cannoli cream and was divine. The Viennese table was the game changer since most of our guests have sweet tooth.

sheva-andrew-fiestaHow did you know your gown was “the one?” The minute I tried it on I knew it was the one. It was so comfortable and me. I didn’t want to take it off.

sheva-andrew-fiestaFavorite moment? My baby nephew was making noises early on in the ceremony. Andrew and I chose to naturally laugh (he makes me laugh so much) instead of keeping a straight face. The photographer caught the funny moment and it’s one of my favorite photos from that day.

sheva-andrew-fiestaDetails you couldn’t live without? Great food, open bar, and music – I wanted my guests to have a memorable evening.

sheva-andrew-fiestaDid anything go wrong? The limo went to the wrong hotel to pick me up! At that moment I was convinced I was going to trip but the limo driver was so sweet and reassuring before he opened the church door. Although I arrived 20 minutes late to the church, everyone was patient and bursting with happiness the minute the procession started.

sheva-andrew-fiestaFirst dance song? Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. We each had our own lists but was looking for one we both loved. Weeks later while making the DJ playlist Andrew stumbled upon it and I remembered it was the song playing the episode Monica and Chandler got engaged on Friends (my favorite show). We knew at the moment it was a winner.

sheva-andrew-fiestaAdvice for other brides?  Have fun was the most simple and useful advice I received. It’s YOUR special day. Opinions and ideas are welcomed but at the end of the day trust you and your significant other.

sheva-andrew-fiestaWhere did you go on your honeymoon? We left the following day to Barcelona then Ireland for 10 days. After weeks of bridal bootcamps and dieting I was finally in the lands of tapas wine, and Guinness with the love of my life.

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