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Shawn and Anthony at Tomasello Winery

Posted on May 22, 2020 by Ariana Baio

How did you meet?
Anthony and I met at Spencer Gifts, where we work. Our company held a battle of the bands where I entered to play. Anthony and his work friends came to watch. Once we officially met a year later, he told me that he turned to his friends while I was playing and said “I’m going to marry this girl”. A year later, when we officially met, we became inseparable. Anthony was everything I had ever wanted and more. I swear my guardian angels placed him in front of me and I knew from the second I met him that he was my forever. We went on our first day on June 8th, 2017, we got engaged on June 8th, 2018, and we became husband and wife on June 8th, 2019. I couldn’t ask for a better love story.

Shawn and Anthony at Tomasello Winery

Anthony and I relived our first date. We went to the boardwalk, ate banana whip, got some curly fires, and took a walk on the beach. Anthony took me to the exact place where we had our first kiss, and he asked me to be his wife.Shawn and Anthony at Tomasello Winery

Our wedding was so special to the both of us. We both play music so we knew we wanted the wedding to be themed as such. Every detail was music-themed and it made it really personal. We had a music-themed cake, our center pieces were records and the table numbers were bands that we love to listen to together. We also made “all access passes” or our guests so the wedding felt like a concert. Anthony’s wedding ring is made of wood that guitars are made of and it has a guitar string through the center of it. Our card box was a guitar case, and our guest book was an acoustic guitar and a cymbal. Everything we loved was incorporated on our day.Shawn and Anthony at Tomasello Winery

We spent weeks trying to find a venue. We knew we wanted to get married on June 8th, and when we walked into Tomasello winery it was the only date they had left in 2019. It was beautiful and everything we wanted. We knew it was the right choice immediately. The staff was amazing and made us feel so comfortable through the entire process.Shawn and Anthony at Tomasello Winery

Our wedding menu had a bit of everything. Steak, salmon, chicken, and of course a vegetarian dish since I don’t eat meat. Everything was delicious. Our guests still talk about it! Our cake had four layers: peanut butter & chocolate and vanilla & chocolate.Shawn and Anthony at Tomasello Winery

I’m not much of a girly-girl. I was dreading going dress shopping because I don’t love wedding dresses, I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. When I initially started looking for my dress, I slipped on the Lilian west gown and instantly fell madly in love. I felt pretty, I felt comfortable and most importantly, I felt like a bride.Shawn and Anthony at Tomasello Winery

Hands down marrying my best friend was the absolute highlight of my entire life. Oh, and dancing all night long! I didn’t stop for one second. I wanted to have a romantic ceremony followed by a laid back, memorable party, and it was everything I had hoped it’d be.Shawn and Anthony at Tomasello Winery

Our shoes. We all wore vans and it was the greatest choice I have ever made. Comfort, style, and a real taste of who we all are as people.Shawn and Anthony at Tomasello Winery

Honestly, no.Shawn and Anthony at Tomasello Winery

“More Lucky Than This” by Brent Walsh.Shawn and Anthony at Tomasello Winery

HAVE FUN. Don’t feel obligated to stop at every table. Dance your heart out, eat too many pieces of cake, and enjoy every second.Shawn and Anthony at Tomasello Winery

Virginia Beach. We wanted to take a mini moon to save for a future trip.

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