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Sari and Jordan at Indian Trail Club

Posted on January 01, 2018 by Allison Dupree

Sari-Jordan-Indian-Trail-ClubHow did you meet? We met out a bar and I approached him. I was at a friend of a friend’s birthday party- so basically, I shouldn’t have been there. Jordan was at his best friends little sisters birthday party. I saw a group of guys, and asked who was single. The birthday girl pointed at Jordan and said “he is a single jewish lawyer”.  As soon as she ended that sentence, I walked right up to him and used the line “Hey, you look familiar, what school did you go to?” and the rest is history. Sari-Jordan-Indian-Trail-ClubHow did he ask? We got engaged in my apartment. My sister and brother-in-law went out to brunch with us. At the time, my sister was pregnant with twins so she said she needed to go back to my bathroom to use it before we walked around. Little did I know, while we were at brunch, Jordan’s sister set up the entire apartment with roses, candles and pictures of us. When I opened the door and saw rose pedals and candles I actually thought someone robbed us and got scared! Then I started to walk in and Jordan grabbed my hand and proposed. My sister and brother law videotaped the entire thing. Jordan’s sister was hiding in the bedroom and popped out after it happened. It was perfect. Sari-Jordan-Indian-Trail-ClubDetails of your day: The color theme was navy, from the invites, to the yarmulkes and bridesmaid dresses. The flowers were beautiful. I wanted sunflowers incorporated in there as yellow is my favorite color. They created a “pop” of color. Sunflowers were actually hanging down from the Chupah. I didn’t want a crazy chupah as the setting where the ceremony took place ( lakeside) was beautiful. Sari-Jordan-Indian-Trail-ClubI had a Red, White and Rose bubble bar to honor the 4th of July. I bought blue champagne from Spain in order to find some blue bubbly! We had custom napkins, sunglasses, snapchat filters, coasters and photobooths. We hand selected the beer, and brought it different beers to have on tap. Same with the wine. Sari-Jordan-Indian-Trail-ClubWe had a make your own donut bar- NOT a donut wall. People could have their own donut, choose a frosting and various toppings. Sari-Jordan-Indian-Trail-ClubWhy did you choose your venue? As a couple we have been to 50+ venues. I didn’t really know what I wanted, but I knew what I didn’t want. I didn’t want a ball room- or something tacky with bling and jewels everywhere. I love being outside, and I love the water. I heard that Indian Trail Club redid their event space. I walked in and instantly fell in love. The venue is hands down the most gorgeous place ever. It has windows on 3 sides of it, creating a “outside” vibe. The views of the lake are breathtaking. It is perfect. I also wanted a venue that was close by- and being from Franklin Lakes, it doesn’t get any closer! Sari-Jordan-Indian-Trail-ClubWhat was your wedding menu? Salad- Harvest Salad; Arugula, Frisee, CAndied pecans, dried cherries, butternut squash & maple cider vinaigrette. The Main Course Options were: Chicken Chardonnay with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, oven roasted tomatoes, chardonnay supreme sauce and oven roasted potatoes or Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass with lemon grass broth and seasoned jasmine rice or Filet Mignon with a classic Bordelaise sauce and fingerling potatoes. Sari-Jordan-Indian-Trail-ClubDescription of your gown? My gown was perfect. It was the one because it reminded me of napkins that my grandma had at her house when I was little. I know that sounds so weird- but these were beautiful lace napkins. The print of the lace in the dress reminded me of the lace napkin print and I got very nostalgic. My gown was strapless, and fitted with a flare at the bottom. We bought a Sara Seven belt and had it sewn into the dress to give it a little more flare. Sari-Jordan-Indian-Trail-ClubWhat was your favorite moment? When the cantor told everyone during the ceremony that my (deceased) grandpa’s yarmulka that he had worn to my bat mitzvah was hanging in the middle of the chupah, so we could honor him and feel his presence. Sari-Jordan-Indian-Trail-ClubOne detail you couldn’t live without? Having my dog, Reggie walk down the aisle. He had a suit, yarmulka and flowers from the florist tied to his leash. Sari-Jordan-Indian-Trail-ClubDid anything go wrong? Nothing went wrong! First dance song? I Found You- The Alabama Shakes Sari-Jordan-Indian-Trail-ClubAdvice for other brides? You do you. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Mini-moon to Bermuda and our honeymoon was to Hawaii

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