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Megan and Louis in Manasquan

Posted on July 20, 2020 by Ariana Baio

We actually met at the Jersey Shore through his sister who was one of my best friends. At first we became good friends, but after spending nights sitting outside my apartment talking until 3/4 a.m. we realized we were building a relationship without even knowing.  So it only seemed fitting after Covid-19 changed our plans, we get married in Manasquan since that holds such a special place in our hearts.

Megan and Louis at Manasquan
How did you get engaged?
We got engaged on Christmas Eve in 2017. After all the presents were done being opened, he went upstairs and brought one big box down and said there was one more gift I had to open. And inside that box was another smaller box , than another smaller box until 5 smaller boxes later I got to the end and there was a ring dish and I was kind of confused why that was in the last box and when i looked up he was on one knee and could barely get words out and asked me to marry him!

Megan and Louis at Manasquan
Details of the day!
After almost three years of planning and waiting , Covid-19 struck NJ hard and I was forced to postpone our original wedding that I have been planning for so long. I did not feeling like a bride- having my bridal shower cancelled as well as my bachelorette. So I decided to plan a small beachside ceremony on our original date. I wasn’t going to let this pandemic stop me from marrying the man of my dreams!

Megan and Louis at Manasquan
I knew I had a vision and what I wanted everything to look like, and my team helped! I had envisioned having all these boho rugs and pillows set up on the sand but the weather had other plans for us. My coordinator nicely ” kicked out” the people under a local pavilion so they could quickly set up and move everything underneath due to some unpredictable storms. So even though we have a global pandemic and thunderstorms going on, I was finally able to marry the man of my dreams and it turned out perfect!

Megan and Louis at Manasquan

We met and fell in love in Manasquan!

Megan and Louis at Manasquan

Not the grown I envisioned, because this was a micro-wedding, but I found my dress online at a boutique and fell in love.

Megan and Louis at Manasquan

What was your favorite moment?
My favorite moment was having our two sons walk me up to our violinist playing “Shallow” by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Once I heard that and saw his face as I was walking towards him, it was the best feeling of my life .

Megan and Louis at Manasquan

Besides Covid-19, the weather! It rained three separate times through out the day, but all it stopped at the perfect moments for us to capture pictures.

Megan and Louis at Manasquan
What is one detail you couldn’t live without?
The one detail I could not live without would be the rental items- our boho rugs and pillows poufs. The way they were layered and put together by our florist and planner was just phenomenal! And I honestly don’t think I could have lived without my floral arrangements and bouquets!

Megan and Louis at Manasquan

What advice do you have for other couples?
I have been planning my dream wedding since we got engaged in 2017 so it was such a shot to the heart when we had to postpone twice. The only advice I could give at this point would be that everything is out of your control so try and plan with the cards that are being dealt. Love is not cancelled and I know it’s hard to feel like a bride during these times, but remember you are still a bride and this is only temporary. The day will come and when it does, it will be better than anyone could imagine.

Megan and Louis at Manasquan

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