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Maddie and Peter in Livingston

Posted on September 10, 2020 by Ariana Baio

Peter and I grew up 10 minutes away from each other in NJ and although we didn’t officially meet until after college, I had known who he was in high school. Peter and I like to say we have a modern romance as we officially met on Tinder in 2014. We dated for the better half of a year and eventually broke up. During the two years that we weren’t together, we ran into each other countless times and got drinks to catch up a handful of times. Then in the summer of 2017, we rematched on Hinge and we’ve been together ever since!Maddie and Peter in Livingston

On a Saturday morning in December, Peter and I woke up to a call that my sister was going into labor, so I bought a last minute flight home so I could be there for the birth. Little did I know, Peter was planning to propose to me that Saturday. I returned late Sunday night, and the next day started my first day of work, which was also the day we were closing on our new house in Nashville. Peter picked me up after my first day and we drove to the new house, which we officially owned. He unlocked the house and we walked into the master bedroom which he had decorated with roses and covered the ground with rose petals and candles. It was perfect and so romantic.Maddie and Peter in Livingston

The guest list was just immediate family, only 15 people including us, which really allowed us to be in the moment and truly appreciate what the day is about. Everything was very relaxed and informal which is exactly what we wanted. As soon as Peter arrived at my house, we did a first look, took photos of us and our families then did the ceremony. The ceremony was perfect. Peter’s dad did an incredible job officiating and we wrote our own vows – something I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing in front of 200+ guests. After that, we did what our families do best – enjoyed delicious food and amazing wine.Maddie and Peter in Livingston
The overall theme was a mini version of what our Savannah wedding will be in 2021. Lots of muted greens, eucalyptus, garden roses with babies breath, gold accents and white candles – all very natural and organic. Peter and I just got an english bulldog puppy, Gus, who was 10 weeks old on our wedding day and I designed frosted cups that with an icon of Gus with “The Corrigans est 2020” underneath. The intention was use to use the cups for lemon mint water during the ceremony, but everyone loved them so much that they pretty much used them all night.Maddie and Peter in Livingston

We decided to postpone our Savannah wedding that would have been November 2020 until November 2021. We wanted to have an intimate, and safe, ceremony for our immediate family and my 92-year-old grandfather that we all felt comfortable at. My dad spends almost all of his free time gardening, so our backyard is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It was a no-brainer to have the ceremony there.Maddie and Peter in Livingston

The Park Avenue Club was fantastic and able to adapt and prep all of the food on the grill since we didn’t have power. The menu was amazing. We started with a classic caesar salad with herbed croutons and garnished with shaved parmesan with a side of French fries- a family tradition. The main course was a duet of chateaubriand and halibut served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Out cake was vanilla layered with strawberry preserves and buttercream icing. We also had a key lime pie birthday cake since almost all our guests have a birthday in August.Maddie and Peter in Livingston

I wanted a dress that was comfortable, casual and different from the gown I have for the November 2021 wedding. I found the dress on Revolve, I love the lace pattern and the trumpet shape. It also fit and felt great.Maddie and Peter in Livingston

There is a southern tradition that you bury a bottle of bourbon upside down a month before the wedding and dig it up the morning of the wedding to ward off rain. We completely forgot to dig it up that morning and remembered right after the ceremony. As soon as we uncovered the bottle, the power came back on!Maddie and Peter in Livingston

I don’t think I can pick something tangible. We were, and are, just so happy and kept laughing the entire time – it was an absolutely perfect day.Maddie and Peter in Livingston

What didn’t go wrong?! Putting aside the obvious complications of Covid, there was never a dull moment planning this intimate backyard wedding. About two weeks before the wedding, the Rabbi who was supposed to officiate was no longer able to, so Peter’s father got officiated so he could perform the ceremony. Then came Hurricane Isaias which hit the week of the wedding. A large tree fell in my parents’ backyard which had to be cleared and another large tree fell on our original photographers house, preventing him from being able to shoot our wedding so we had to find another one three days before the wedding. Another effect of the hurricane was no power at my parents’ house until it miraculously came back on right after the ceremony. It rained the whole night before and the grass was soaking wet so we had to relocate the chuppa and all seats for the ceremony to be on the patio. It was 100% humidity and I was supposed to get a blowout but with my curly hair, had to adjust last minute, go in early and get an updo.Maddie and Peter in Livingston

Don’t stress or get upset about the things you can’t control or you won’t be able to enjoy the day. Just roll with it and laugh it off!

We will eventually be going to South Africa & Seychelles.

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