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My brother and sister in law came to New Jersey two days before Christmas to celebrate with our side of the family. Before they arrived, I greeted my now husband, Anthony, with a huge hug and kiss and then we ran out really quick to pick up a gift for his father (remember this hug for later). By the time we got back, my brother and sister in law had arrived. We sat down for dinner, wine and great conversation. I had the idea of playing LCR (left right center for those of you who don’t know) and had to run out to my car to grab the game. Little did I know that my entire family and Anthony had something bigger planned.Lindsay-Anthony-Indian-TrailWe played one round of LCR and my mom announced it was time for the pickle! So I strut my competitive self right over to the tree and was ready to hunt this pickle down. After pushing and shoving and army crawling under the tree, I FOUND THE PICKLE!Lindsay-Anthony-Indian-TrailAttached to it was a bag with a box inside. I didn’t think too much into it since my mom had bought me jewelry in the past. I was having a hard time untying the bag and my mom needed to cut it open. Finally, I get to open the box and in that very moment I could not believe my eyes. I dropped the Christmas Pickle and it shattered all over the floor. I turned around to see Anthony down on one knee and he asked those four words every girl dreams of hearing, “Will you marry me?”To be honest, all I remember is happy crying and jumping into Anthony’s arms. I’m not even sure if I actually screamed out “YES!”Lindsay-Anthony-Indian-TrailBack the the hug mentioned earlier on, Anthony had the rig box in his sweatshirt pocket when I hugged him! How did I not notice?!Anyhow, the Christmas Pickle tradition went out with a bang, literally! December 23, 2016 was quite possibly the second best day of our lives. The best day was and will forever be January 6, 2018 as we finally became husband and wife!

Lindsay-Anthony-Indian-TrailOur flowers consisted of orchids (which are my absolute favorite flower), roses, hydrangeas, carnations, holiday berries, eucalyptus leaves and some winter greenery. John, at Bill O’Shea’s Flowers did a wonderful job of creating a classic, wintery look. In lieu of traditional favors, we made a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of our late family members.

Lindsay-Anthony-Indian-TrailFor dessert, guests were served a slice of cake made by Palermos bakery. We had three different flavors of cake since they were all so good and we couldn’t make a decision. We had red velvet cake with cream cheese filling, vanilla cake with vanilla custard and strawberry filling, and devil’s food chocolate cake with oreo filling. We went with a four tier, rustic swoop design with a buttercream frosting. Our florist added flowers to the cake for a beautiful and simple look. Additionally, each table was served a platter of assorted specialty donuts from Glaze Donuts in Paramus and an assortment of cookies from Mill’s Bakery in Wood-Ridge. The dessert was a hit for sure!

Angel Rivera Bridal Atelier was the first place my mom and I went to to start my wedding dress journey. We were able to sit down with Angel himself! He asked what my vision was and guided me to the rack of dresses he thought I would like. I started pulling dresses to try on and came across a beautiful gown; however, I saw a detail on it I didn’t think my mother would like, so I put it back. I tried on the dresses I pulled and they were ALL so stunning, but nothing was really speaking to me. Finally, Angel said, “Hold on one second.” He then brought in the dress I really liked, but thought my mom wouldn’t like. I tried it on, and just by the fit I knew this would be the one! I went out to reveal the dress to my mom and the tears just started rolling down our faces. When you know, you just know! To complete the look, I wore a cathedral length veil with lace appliques that complimented the lace on my dress.

Our signature drinks!
Groom’s Manhattan: Bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters, orange and peels to garnish.
Bride’s Pomegranate Yule Mule: Vodka, ginger beer, pomegranate juice, lime juice and pomegranates to garnish.My something old and something blue. I had a piece of my maternal grandmother’s lace dress and my husband’s blue police uniform shaped in a heart sewn inside of my dress.

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Corpus Cristi Church

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Indian Trail Club


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