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Lindsay and Tomas in Summit

Posted on June 08, 2020 by Ariana Baio


Lindsay and Tomas in Summit
How did you meet?
We first met via a mutual friend the summer after Lindsay graduated from high school. I was having a party and invited the mutual friend and she brought Lindsay along with her. Even though we both grew up in Summit, we had never met before because Lindsay was younger than I am and went to private school. We instantly clicked and I had never had so much fun talking and joking around with someone before.

Lindsay and Tomas in Summit

For the proposal, Tomas reenacted our first date. He took me to one of our favorite restaurant and afterwards to Liberty State Park (we’re both suckers for a great view). We had just returned from an incredible trip to Hawaii so my suspicions were nonexistent. He recreated our first date and. We were leaning against the railing and next thing I knew he was down on one knee. I honestly have no idea what he said beforehand because as soon as I saw him kneeling I burst into tears. Tomas had to clarify if tears actually counted as a real yes and I think I eventually squeaked out an ‘of course!’. All in all, the night was absolutely perfect and totally us.Lindsay and Tomas in Summit 

Our venue, The Ryland Inn, closed due to the pandemic so our original wedding plan was thrown out the door. We had been engaged for two years already, so we were pretty ready to get married. Once we confirmed with our local City Hall that we would be able to get a marriage license, we started organizing our mini ceremony aka the backyard ceremony. It was a sunny spring day and we were still able to have an intimate garden dinner celebrating with our family. There were a ton of moving pieces, but we were able to make it all come together in just a few weeks.Lindsay and Tomas in Summit

The original wedding dress wasn’t able to arrive on time, so I purchased a BHLDN gown for the mini ceremony.Lindsay and Tomas in Summit

There were a ton of moving pieces, but we were able to make it all come together in just a few weeks. Due to the pandemic, there was a significant limit on the number of people we could include, so we still plan on doing our big wedding celebration at The Ryland Inn in May 2021.Lindsay and Tomas in Summit

Be flexible and remember what is most important: each other. A mini ceremony is definitely not the perfect option for everyone, so try to play it out in your head before you make your decision. Think about what will make you happiest in the long run. Try your best to not panic and work together to find a solution.
Lindsay and Tomas in Summit

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