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Lacey and Tommy at Shackamaxon Country Club

Posted on October 06, 2017 by New Jersey Bride

Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-ClubHow did you meet? We met back in 2006. It was my senior prom weekend and I was down in Wildwood where Tommy was vacationing with his family for a long weekend. Through mutual friends, we met while everyone was playing soccer on the beach. As graceful as ever, I kicked the soccer ball, which hit Tommy right smack in the face. After being completely embarrassed but laughing about the situation, we started talking. Over the next two months, we got to know each other more and finally decided to make it “official” in August 2006…and the rest is history! We’ve been together over 11 years! Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Will you marry me? I did not see the proposal all! We purchased our first home together in the fall of 2015, so it was only a matter of time and I always thought I would have a feeling when Tommy would propose but I had literally no idea. I work at a historic house museum where I run all the museum programming, and sometimes Tommy comes for moral support. On March 31, 2016, I was running a History Happy Hour: History of Sports event. Tommy came like he normally would and brought a friend to the event. Right as we were ending an activity, Tommy came over and told me to put my hockey jersey on (we’re big hockey fans). I was super confused, but did it anyway because I thought maybe he wanted to take a picture together. As I was poking my head out of the top of the jersey, Tommy went down on one knee with the ring in his hand and I yelled out, “Are you serious?” His friend filmed the whole thing, which really made the whole proposal even sweeter. It was totally us and so perfect! Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Details of the day: We didn’t really have a theme but we knew we wanted to have a fun, laid-back wedding. Our colors were baby blue and peach. Tommy’s favorite color is baby blue and the colors were perfect for a summer wedding. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Our florist did such an amazing job on our flowers!! All I told her was that I did not want all white wedding bouquet, peonies or calla lillies (too traditional for me) and she created the most beautiful arrangements! Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club The day started off with my bridesmaids and mom getting ready with me at my house. It was so much fun to be sharing those moments with my closest loved ones. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club A special touch to our wedding day was that my uncle married us. He is a deacon and it meant so much that he could perform our marriage ceremony—it was so personal and touching. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club We took a selfie with him on the altar right after too! Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Tommy loves golfing so of course our reception was at a country club. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Our place cards were SO fun! We cut out one-inch circles to look like golf balls and hot glued them onto golf tees, which had everyone’s names on them. My sister/MOH and my dad made an awesome mini golf course for us to put the place cards in. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Also, we had such a blast with our bridal party taking photos on the golf course! Shackamaxon gave us golf carts to ride around in so we got to go all over the place. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Our favors were sunglasses that had our name and date on them, which were a huge hit! People wore them all night long on the dance floor. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club We also purchased rally towels that said “Lacey & Tommy’s Wedding Towel” as favors. Half were red and black for my New Jersey Devils team and half were blue and red for Tommy’s New York Rangers team. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club The venue had them draped over each chair and our deejay got everyone up and waving their rally towels for our entrance. IT WAS EPIC. People are still talking about how cool it was and it was so surreal for Tommy & I walking in to that! Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Instead of the traditional bouquet and garter toss, we decided to do the anniversary dance. Knowing my grandparents would win, I wanted to do this to honor them—they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary a month before we got married. I had the deejay end with their wedding song playing (“I only have eyes for you”), so they would be the only ones left on the floor. I handed my grandma my toss bouquet and then I danced with my grandpa and Tommy danced with my grandma. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room!! Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club-cigar-roller We also had a cigar bar open after dinner. The cigar guy rolled cigars right in front of everyone and then our guests got to smoke the freshly rolled cigars right outside on the patio. They really enjoyed it! Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Why did you choose Shackamaxon Country Club? I knew I always wanted to have a reception at a golf course—I think they make for beautiful photos, plus Tommy loves to golf! Shackamaxon was our one and only venue we toured; we fell in love with it the moment we arrived. The golf course is breathtaking. Inside, the ballroom was so spacious. Cocktail hour was in the grill room which was also connected to an outside patio. When we saw the outside patio, we were like this is it! We could just see our guests drinking and eating on the patio and dancing the night away in the ballroom. It was absolutely perfect. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Wedding menu? Our menu started off with a season field greens salad topped with strawberries and walnuts. For the main course, guests choose either, pan-seared filet mignon, garlic and herb-crusted chicken or Maryland-style crab cakes. We also had passed desserts, which were chocolate mini milkshakes (huge hit!), flamed brownie bites and mini cannolis. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Our wedding cake was chocolate and vanilla cake layers with chocolate mousse filling. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club I also got Tommy a surprise groom’s cake! It was so cool—I ordered him a mini Stanley Cup cake with the New York Rangers logo on the front. However, inside I had Bovella’s make it with dark chocolate cake and red icing, the New Jersey Devils’ colors. It was definitely a fun “gotcha” moment between the two of us since we are hockey rivals. Regardless, he absolutely loved his cake! Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Wedding gown: It was a strapless Allure bridal gown with a scalloped, sweetheart neckline, lace all over and beaded belt. It gave an amazing silhouette. The train on the back of the dress had the most beautiful lace on it and that’s really what I fell in love with. The moment I had put it on, it was like “Oh wow, I’m actually getting married.” I wish I could wear it every day! Also, my veil was handmade by a dear friend/co-worker. I was so honored that she made me a veil and it really completed my entire look. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Favorite moment: The moment my uncle said we were husband and wife. The feeling was so indescribable and we were both so happy. I just remember looking at Tommy and having a huge smile on my face and couldn’t wait to kiss my new husband! Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club One detail you couldn’t live without: By far, our rally towels! It was so much fun seeing everyone up on their feet waving those towels. It definitely set a fun tone for the evening! Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club First dance: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” by Frankie Valli. It’s a favorite song for both of us. When the song came on and the first line started playing, I completely lost it and started crying on Tommy’s shoulder! It suddenly hit me that we actually were married and it was amazing. Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club Advice for other brides: Don’t loose sight of why you’re getting married. It’s fun planning and making sure you have the perfect wedding day but it’s more important to realize that you are marrying the love of your life and how special that is. At the end of the day, it’s about your new marriage, so don’t sweat the small stuff! Honeymoon: We spent a week at the Sandals Grande in St. Lucia. It was the time of our lives! Lacey-Tommy-Real-Wedding-Shackamaxon-Country-Club

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