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Kimberly and Jared at Eagle Oaks Country Club

“Beyond my colors—fuchsia and burnt orange—I handed our planner a completely blank slate,” said Kim Burgin of Red Bank. “She went crazy and designed the most creative wedding ever.”

New Jersey Bride—Eagle Oaks Country Club

Kim married her high school sweetheart, Jared, whom she had dated exclusively for a decade. “I waited a long time for this day,” she says. And while waiting, she tuned regularly into Whose Wedding Is It Anyway, the show on the Style Network that inspired her to call planner Jennifer Orsini of Pampered Bride Weddings in Springfield.

New Jersey Bride—Eagle Oaks Country Club

“The feeling I wanted was deep, rich, and passionate—and Jennifer delivered to the utmost,” Kim explains. She and Jared saw the reception décor at Eagle Oaks Country Club in Farmingdale for the first time just minutes before their guests arrived—and they were thrilled.


What wowed them the most was the magical atmosphere. “It was this rich fantasy environment way beyond what anyone had ever seen,” said Orsini. “You could tell from the elated look on people’s faces.”

New Jersey Bride—Eagle Oaks Country Club

The atmosphere was all about color: hot pinks and oranges balanced with rich champagne. Custom-monogrammed linens matched the colors. Lush color-drenched centerpieces hung with flower balls and crystals and votives adorned the tables.


Menus nestled inside layered napkins marked each guest’s place. The walls were bathed with amber and pink light.


Above the guests’ heads, lights painted swirling trees on the ceiling, while below their feet an elaborate monogram lit the dance floor.


A Moroccan-inspired lounge, decked out in plush furniture and monogrammed pillows, beckoned guests for cool conversation. A few well-chosen luxuries added extra panache. On the veranda, guests could smoke custom-rolled cigars, the bride’s treat for her dad and other guests.


This coffee-loving couple sent their guests home with gift boxes of gourmet coffee beans, silver coffee scoops, and custom chocolates.


According to Kim, their friends and relations have been raving about it ever since. Kim’s advice for this spring’s brides?


“Make sure you actually have fun at your own wedding. Just be carefree and don’t get caught up in all those little details; that’s what your planner is for.”

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