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Kelly and Nick at The Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club

Posted on July 09, 2020 by Ariana Baio

Officially, our story began in May 2012, although it could have been much earlier. We grew up only two miles apart, were both active in sports, attended rival high schools, and went to Penn State as undergrads. We must’ve crossed paths during that time, only to just miss each other. Thankfully, we didn’t miss each other on May 12, 2012. Nick’s mom was getting married, and I was there because Nick’s soon-to-be step-sister, Alyssa, was my best friend. We met on the dance floor by dancing a waltz. Since then, we’ve spent as much time together as we can. We’re so thankful for our loved ones here and in heaven for the role they played in bringing us together.Kelly and Nick- Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club

On Saturday, September 24, 2016, we stopped at Nick’s mom’s house before heading to a friend’s party, or so I thought. Before we left, Nick suggested we say goodbye to his sister who was down by the creek. He took my hand and we headed down the hill in the backyard and into the woods, where we found  his sister, Rachel. As we were walking around the woods, Nick began singing, “I’ve Had the Time of my Life.” So we started to dance, (singing/dancing spontaneously is pretty normal for us). Suddenly, Nick shared that he had something in his pocket and stopped dancing. He slowly knelt down on one knee and pulled out a white box. His eyes then gazed up at me and he said, “I’m so happy, so lucky, and so in love with you, Kelly. And I’m so excited to finally be able to ask, will you marry me?” I shrieked, “Is this for real?” While my heart beat fast through my chest, I looked at Nick again for confirmation, and said, “YES!” We kissed, hugged, and he told me to look to my left. The whole time Rachel had been taking photos of us! It was already the happiest moment of my life and it got even sweeter when I learned that my family was on their way to celebrate.

Kelly and Nick- Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club

Ah, where to begin! Well, overall, there was a lot of thought given to our wedding and with the help of some amazing family, friends, and vendors our wedding was more gorgeous and more meaningful than we could have ever imagined. From the decor to the heartfelt speeches and guests on the dance floor all night long–our vision and dreams came to life. It was a team effort which we’ll forever cherish and be grateful for. The pictures say a thousand words!

Kelly and Nick- Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club

We were originally planning on getting married at a beautiful barn, but sadly the venue closed suddenly so we found a new venue and moved our date from May to October. Thankfully, the Riverhouse at the Rumson Country Club had a similar rustic and chic feel. It all worked out.

Kelly and Nick- Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club
What was on your menu
We had a cocktail hour of various passed hors d’oeuvres including our favorite, scallops wrapped in bacon. For dinner, we had salad, filet mignon, flounder and a vegetarian dish. Our cake was a delicious three-tier vanilla cake with a layer of strawberries and whip cream and another layer of chocolate mousse..

Kelly and Nick- Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club

I must’ve tried on close to a hundred dresses prior. My mom’s friend shared information about a bridal boutique in NYC and we thought, we have nothing to lose. From the first call, the owner listened and understood what I envisioned. MaryAnn shared that while she did not have exactly the dress I was looking for, she had a dress that she could customize to make it everything I hoped for. The Ti Adora by Alison Webb, Roselyn gown became just that. With its intricate lace and alterations, I had a romantic dress with a soft beachy vibe to it.  I can’t thank Maryann enough for listening, seeing my vision, and creating my dream dress.

What a tough question, there were so many moments I loved. For me, when my Dad turned to sarcastically tell me “You’re doing great” as he walked me down the aisle. Until that moment I was crying uncontrollably and although they were happy tears, I am thankful his words brought a huge smile to my face. Also Nick and I not being able to get our wedding bands on each other’s swollen ring fingers- which still makes me laugh.
Kelly and Nick- Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club
For Nick, his were standing at the altar before the ceremony, seeing all of our friends and family together, and anxiously awaiting me to walk down the aisle. Also being with me on the dance floor, where we first met more than six years before.Kelly and Nick- Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club

One detail I couldn’t live without was our flowers. The flowers were beautiful and enhanced everything from our wedding ceremony to the reception.

Kelly and Nick- Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club

We did have an issue with one of our vendors on the morning of the wedding. They showed up an hour earlier than discussed and had last-minute updates to our contract. It was upsetting, but I am grateful for my family and bridal party who stepped in to help solve.

Kelly and Nick- Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club

“In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett YoungKelly and Nick- Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club

It’s your day, be confident in your vision. Take other people’s opinions into consideration, however, don’t be afraid to speak up and do what feels right for you. And ask for help. Planning a wedding requires a lot of work and it’s more fun if you have family and friends to support, cheer you on, and remind you to enjoy the journey!

Kelly and Nick- Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club

Nick and I went to Italy May 2019.

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