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Kate and John’s Drive-In Backyard Wedding

Posted on February 03, 2021 by Denise Potter


Kate, of Tewksbury, and John, of Castine, Maine, were one of many couples faced with a tough decision this past April: cancel/postpone their wedding or come up with a safe Plan B. “It started to become clear that the wedding we had planned wasn’t going to pan out,” says Kate.

Kate-John-Backyard-wedding-FindOrion-Photography Kate-John-Backyard-wedding-FindOrion-Photography

But they didn’t waste any time deciding. “Right away, I had this idea of getting married at my family home in Tewksbury, in the field where I grew up playing with my brother and sisters,” Kate says.



Their vision was a “drive-in” wedding, complete with bistro tables, warm blankets and gourmet picnic baskets for guests to enjoy while staying socially distanced from others. While the couple worked to shrink their original guest list of 200 down to 40, their loved ones went right to work designing a tent area with individual stations for each vehicle and hanging string lights around the property. “It was definitely a family effort which made it all the more special,” says Kate. Miraculously, the new plan came together in just six weeks.


Upon arrival on June 13, 2020, guests reached a “check-in station” where they were given wrapped picnic baskets, champagne, and welcome bags filled with masks and hand sanitizer.


They were then directed to park at their individual guest tent and take part in the merriment from a safe distance. An FM transmitter was hooked up to microphones and broadcast through an open radio channel so guests could listen through their car radios.



An Airstream trailer housed out-of-state guests, bridesmaids wore satin gloves for added safety, a plastic “hugging” station included gloves and ponchos, and Zoom toasts were received from around the world. Their first dance song was “Love Is All Around,” by the Troggs—and it was!



Now home just outside of Naples, Florida, the bride and groom have time to reflect on the experience. “No matter where your aisle ends up being, you are still walking toward the love of your entire life,” says Kate. “Get funky with it and know that it is going to be all the more special—because at the end of the day, what the world needs now is love!”


the details


Tewksbury and Castine, Maine

Ceremony Location

Private residence, Tewksbury

Reception Location

Catering by Merri-Makers Caterers, Brick


FindOrion Photography

Bride’s Gown

Theia Couture

Bridesmaid Dresses


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