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Jennifer and Steven at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Posted on April 17, 2020 by Ariana Baio

We met in April 2013. We were introduced by Steve’s childhood friend, Kristen, who worked with Jen at the time. Our first date was played off as a “networking event”, even though it took place at Jimmy Geez, a hole in the wall bar in Haledon, NJ. We drank beer, ate wings, and sat and talked over four hours. There was never an awkward moment. I think we both knew right away that this was going to be something special.Jennifer and Steve at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Hogwarts Castle at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL. Jennifer and Steve at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Our theme was celestial winter wedding in the mountains. Our colors were dusty blue with touches of dark reds, purples, soft pink, gold, and of course, a lot of greenery! My bridal bouquet was a large dramatic bouquet with blue thistle, brunia berries, king protea, red ranunculus, plum florals, and blush roses. For our seating chart we used my grandmother’s antique mirror.Jennifer and Steve at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

There is something so cozy and magical about the mountains during Christmas time. We loved the idea of having a semi-outdoor ceremony in front of a fire place without having to worry about rain or inclement weather. For the reception, we loved the openness of the room and the big windows that over looked the lawn and beautiful Christmas lit trees outside.Jennifer and Steve at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

When guests arrived, we had hot apple cider ready to go to keep our guests warm during the outdoor ceremony. After the ceremony, we chose a selection of twenty-five hot and cold passed hors d’oeuvres, which consisted of all my favorites including pizza, pierogis, lamb lollipops, steak on a stick, etc. For dinner, we selected the “Harvest Table Buffet”, which consisted of a variety of salads, soups, two fresh pasta dishes, eggplant rollatini, Italian meatballs, as well as a chicken, salmon, and a carving board station. I’m a huge foodie, so we loved the buffet option so people could come up and eat whenever and whatever they liked! For dessert, we chose apple cider donuts and an Italian rum/funfetti cakeJennifer and Steve at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Stardusted in all the right spots, I think the Lumi gown is for offbeat beauty that chases comets and catches falling stars in her dreams.. Growing up in school, I would draw stars all over my notebooks. I was shocked when I tried this gown on and noticed the same stars embroidered all over the dress! The Lumi gown is unlike any other gown I’ve ever seen but I knew it was the one when my bridal consultant told me that the gown just arrived at the store the day prior, and I was the first bride to try it on!

There were so many moments throughout the day that I will never forget. The first one that comes to mind was our first look. We decided to read our vows to each other privately before walking down the aisle. This helped get rid of those pre-wedding jitters and let me get my “ugly cry” out of the way. Another highlight was having my 90-year-old grandmother as our flower girl. She was so happy and excited to be part of our day, and it meant so much to us to have her there.Jennifer and Steve at Stroudsmoor Country Inn
My other favorite memories include the father/daughter dance and my little brother’s man-of-honor speech. At the altar, we put our own spin on an old Polish tradition. Traditionally, at the reception, the bride and groom are handed two shot glasses, one filled with vodka and the other one with water. Tradition says that whoever ends up with the glass of vodka will be the dominant partner in the relationship. To spice things up, we decided to do this tradition at the altar before our first kiss as husband and wife (I got the vodka shot.)Jennifer and Steve at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

The Joe Baracata Band! I first saw them down the shore at the Parker House when I turned 21. I knew right away that they would play my wedding some day. They play the best singalongs (a lot of Bruce Springsteen) and had people of all ages on the dance floor all night long.Jennifer and Steve at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

We forgot our invitations in the hotel room! Luckily, my photographer is amazing and let us mail them to her so she could photograph them after the wedding.Jennifer and Steve at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

“Lucky Man” by the VerveJennifer and Steve at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Relax and have fun! Whatever happens, it will be the most beautiful and magical day of your life.Jennifer and Steve at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

We went on a three night mini-moon to Antigua this past March. Our official honeymoon will be in May 2020.

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Verona, NJ

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Stroudsmoor Country Inn


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Reverend Albert Martin

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"Lumi Gown" by Hayley Paige

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