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Gina and Ryan’s Unique Wedding

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: We chose The Loft in West Orange because of it being a non-traditional ballroom and they said we can have our dog in and at the wedding.  Everything about our wedding wasn’t traditional.  Our Pomeranian was our ring girl.  My 9 year old daughter, Gianna walked me down the Aisle.  Our Officiant was so awesome that he agreed to our crazy idea of a Beer Ceremony instead of the traditional sand or candles.
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Ryan is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan so we had our own “terrible towels” made with the wedding date and our hashtag.  And after our ceremony as we walked down the aisle had the Pittsburgh chant going “here we go” while everyone twirled their towels about their heads. We had a Jenga sign in book/block.

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Favorite moment:  His: Seeing Gina walk down the aisle. Hers: Having my daughter walk me down the aisle and give me away to Ryan.

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Couldn’t live without: Our Planner, Danielle.  Ryan and I were absolutely clueless and didn’t even know where to begin.  I wasn’t a girl that had this planned out since a young age.  Heck I didn’t even know what color I wanted!  The work is done for you!  She has all the reputable contacts you just pick who you want.  We trusted her so much that we felt like we didn’t even have to meet the vendors.  Of course she insisted to make sure there was a connection.  She was always available and always on top of things.  She somehow managed to keep from us that the venue where our ceremony and reception was being held at somehow “forgot” to say that there was an event being held until 4 pm that day, when up until then we didn’t have to worry about having the vendors rush to set up… this meant the ceremony and the floral arrangements had to be set up in record speed.  Somehow, someway it happened and we didn’t even know about it until the next day.  She was there to fight any battles to ensure we had nothing to worry about and just enjoyed our day.
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Also, we couldn’t live without our Photographer Justin.  He has magical powers or something, he is a photography wizard.  He took the most breathtaking photos that we find ourselves looking at saying is that really us?!?
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Something That Went Wrong: Two things!! One was a possible government shutdown…you may ask why would that matter. Well, we paid for insurance to be able to take photos at Jockey Hollow Park in Morristown,  which is an historic park—and when the government shuts down so do parks!  The plus side was there wasn’t a government shutdown. ALSO the weather!  October 3 historically was a rain-free day. Unfortunately Hurricane Joaquin was in the area as well!  Thanks to our Friends The Ecko’s who opened up their home/estate to us and provided us with the best plan B ever.

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Brooklyn, NY  / North Plainfield, NJ

Ceremony Location

The Wilshire Grand Hotel; The Loft

Reception Location

The Wilshire Grand Hotel; The Loft


Justin Tinapay Photography

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